Saturday, 3 May 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome Spankers, here's 8 from Shared, my first menage a trois novel which has just had a great review from SubClub Books

"I devoured this book in one sitting and was just floored by her (Lily Harlem's) level of writing in such an intimate and beautiful love story."

“Ah, don’t stop,” I begged, thrashing my head as his tongue thrashed my clit. “Quinn, it’s so near.”
He stopped.
I couldn’t believe it.
“Turn over,” he said in a deep, stern voice. “Get your pretty little ass in the air for me.”
I jerked my hips searching for his face and yanked at my cuffs, furious. I’d been ready to come, just about to explode, and it would have been delicious, my G-spot was in perfect tune with my clit, it would have been double the pleasure, double the intensity. “No,” I wailed like an aggrieved child. “Quinn, I was just about to, that’s cruel. Please.”
“Turn the hell over.” He scooped me up and I yelped in surprise. The next thing I knew my wrists had crossed as my belly hit the mattress. My forehead sank into the pillow as he dragged me onto my knees. Again one leg, my right this time, slipped to the floor so I was half on, half off the bed with my behind in the air.
“Do as I say, Ariane, remember this is me in charge and every time you don’t do as I say I will spank you all the harder.”
I pushed to my elbows. The word spank had been used, again.

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There's a hot, on-the-edge sequel to Shared!


  1. Sounds like a girl who wants what she wants when she wants it!