Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's my birthday and Breathe You In is FREE!

Happy Birthday to me!

To celebrate I'm going a little topsy turvy and instead of receiving gifts (though I wouldn't mind those three hotties turning up at my doorstep!) I'm giving away my latest release, for a few days only!

Breathe You In is available on Amazon and if you do pick up this sexy romance and enjoy Ruben and Katie's unusual story, please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and leave a review, that would be a really cool pressie for me!

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Soul-aching desire was just the beginning!

If the road to Heaven starts in Hell then I was ready to start climbing my way out and Ruben Strong was the man to accompany me. With his devastating good looks, seductively sexy charm and lust for adrenaline he was sure to make it a sensual and erotic experience as well as one to re-awake the passionate, throw-caution-to-the-wind woman I’d once been.

I’d given Ruben something, though, without him realizing, and that gift had come from the man I’d loved before. But I couldn’t tell Ruben. I had to keep that a tight secret even as our naked bodies wound together, sought out pleasure and hit the dizzy heights of ecstasy as one. Because Ruben had my husband’s heart, literally, and that heart was still in love with me, so it seemed, and now I was in love with Ruben. 

Emotions tangled with bliss, and fears were locked away as I surrendered to the touch of Ruben’s hands, the taste of his skin and the sounds of his pleasure. I couldn’t deny that Ruben had brought me back to life the same way I had him and there was no way I was giving up that feeling, not for anyone.

And if you want to learn a little more about these characters and my inspiration for Breathe You In, check out this blog post.

(If you have recently purchased Breathe You In, leave me a comment below telling me the date, approx time (am/pm) and which Amazon you used (US,UK,De Fr etc) and once I have verified purchases an alternative freebie can be arranged - don't forget to leave your email address so I can organise this with you.)


  1. Happy Birthday. Hope your book soars

  2. Happy Birthday! Snagged the book, look forward to readingn it!


  3. Happy birthday!! Looking forward to reading your book!

  4. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the free read!!