Sunday, 23 June 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WeWrWa

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week a snippet from my steamy new m/m release High-Sticked the fifth book in my Hot Ice Series. This is from Matthew's point of view, his love interest, hockey player Todd, has just stopped by and caught him wearing another players jersey - he's ripped it off him and is not impressed, or so it seems...

His piercing blue gaze settled on mine again and he leaned even farther forward, placing his flattened palms on the wall on either side of my head. His pupils were wide and dilated, the depths bottomless and I realized, with a jolt, that the last time a man had looked at me like that it had been Tony, right before we’d made love.
I swallowed again and licked my lips, hyperaware of the brush of denim on denim as our thighs touched. God, I was getting hard, heat and blood rushing to my cock. I couldn’t help it.
“I want…” he said on an expired breath.
“What?” I whispered, not daring to hope Todd was having sexual thoughts about me, but unable to deny the tension sizzling through the air and the very real arousal growing in my groin.
“I want,” he said again, “some of that coffee I can smell, it’s been a long fucking day.”

You can find out more about my Hot Ice series on my website, they're all stand alone reads and High-Sticked is the only m/m, the others are m/f or menage a trios!

High-Sticked Buy Links

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Released only 2 days but already climbing the Gay Romance Chart on Amazon!

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  1. Coffee? That's not funny. lol, someone is probably disappointed.

  2. Ohhh, not what I was ready for him to say! Poor Matthew. Excellent excerpt, the tension built up so nicely!