Thursday, 13 June 2013

High-Sticked Release Date

For followers of my HOT ICE series the next novel, HIGH-STICKED, has a release date of 21st June 2013!

High-Sticked is the only m/m in the series, and, like the others, can be enjoyed as a stand-alone read, the previous books don't need to be read to follow this one. Though if you do indulge in some menage a trois action in Teamwork, you'll have already met one of the heroes, Todd 'Pretty' Carty.


Dating Todd “Pretty” Carty was a trailblazing, headline-grabbing ride that shocked and divided a team, a sport and a nation. While controversy ruled, our feelings exploded and we couldn’t deny the desire that sizzled between us. Nothing, however, was easy outside the bedroom. Not when my world-class, fearless athlete wanted to shout from Everest that he was in love with another man.

But laying my heart on the line and having my picture dominating the papers was worth it. Everything about Todd turned me on. His bold hockey skills, his courageous attitude and the way he melted in my arms when I kissed him. I melted too, because he knew how to press my buttons, remind me of the man I used to be and take me to those places where ecstasy ruled.

The world might have trouble accepting us, but we’d committed to each other, mind, body and soul, and nothing could change that.

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