Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

A big welcome to Saturday Spanking devotees and to anyone joining in the fun from Spankee Doodle Dandy!

This week a few from my new Ellora's Cave release, High-Sticked, book #5 in my Hot Ice series (all may be enjoyed as stand alone reads and this is the only m/m.)

The pages of this book are still hot, it only came off the press yesterday. So it's extra great that this week I can share more than just 8 lines with you, though be warned, it's seriously steamy, right at a naughty bit, and I did mention it's m/m, right!

I faced out of the window, but I was unseeing. All I could concentrate on was Todd’s cock easing through my first tight barrier. I consciously made my asshole relax, though it was hard, my whole pelvis was juddering with anticipation, trembling with eagerness to have him sink to the hilt.
“Ah, yeah, that’s it, take me.” Todd was forcing his way in, each tiny increase in his width stretching me blissfully.
I moaned loud and abandoned. Curled my fingers around the counter edge and shoved my ass higher into the air, inviting him to plunge all the way and give me what I needed.
He brought a stinging slap down on my right butt cheek. Just the way he knew I liked. I yelped as the pain mixed with the pleasure. Allowed it all to brew in my cock and build from deep inside.
“I’m going in all the way,” he said in a strained voice, then rammed forward.
It was a determined, steely drive that forced his balls to squash up against mine. I threw my head back, cried out and allowed the full feeling to bloom right to my core.
“Ah, yeah, so fucking awesome,” Todd groaned, again leaning forward and dropping his weight. “You’re so hot and ready for me all the time, I love it. I love you.” He sucked the fleshy lobe of my ear into his mouth and nibbled then wrapped his arms around my chest and began to pound in and out. Burrowing deep, taking me higher and higher with each shove of his cock.
“Ah, ah, yes,” I gasped. “I love you too, I love you, Todd, so much.”
He pulled out, thrust back in. The heat of him was blissful and the filling, shoving, pushing against my sweet spot just what I needed.
He set a fast pace. I pushed back for more as he gave it to me hard and good. Soon I was getting ready to explode and release my desire, my lust. My breaths were ragged, my cock filled to full hardness and the pressure in my balls was almost painful.
“I’m coming,” Todd shouted, straightening and slapping my butt again. “Come with me. Oh, please, Matthew, come with me.”
It was a good hard whack, and when combined with the lusty desperation in his voice, my climax detonated. “Yes, yes, yes,” I shouted. I didn’t bother keeping quiet like I had the night before, now I let my pleasure rip from my lungs. 

Oh, yeah, these boys are so bad yet oh, so good, and it seems particularly so in the kitchen which is one of the reasons I love the cover so much.

Happy spanking and happy Saturday! And look, High-Sticked is already climbing the Amazon Gay Romance Chart!

Lily x


  1. Very intense, Lily, but I'm so glad you shared the excerpt with us. Definitely makes me want to read more. Happy spankings!

  2. Delicious! I could use more of Todd and Matthew right about now! :)