Tuesday, 19 March 2019

"He's special, he just doesn't know it yet." HIS VAMPIRE HAREM only #99c #pnr #MM #romance #vampire #reverseharem

HIS VAMPIRE HAREM is only 99c/99p for a few days only. Also on Kindle Unlimited!

He's special. He just doesn't know it yet.

Darius Linnet has it all. He's a top male model, he's traveled the world, and everyone wants to either be him or be with him.

But would they really want to walk in his shoes? Because when emotions consume him, heated sparks fly. When he sleeps, his dreams take on an other-worldly twist. And his perfect body—sometimes it doesn't even feel like his own.

Until, that is, he meets a group of sexy, mysterious men who claim they've been searching for him for centuries. He's their savior, apparently, the key to their release from eternal damnation. They love him and they want to show him the pleasure he's been denying himself. There's only one problem: Darius's demon father has other ideas.

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