Saturday, 9 March 2019

Being filmed turned out to be fun! #SatSpanks - CAUGHT ON CAMERA #free #MM #ebook

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“So,” Cade said, walking to the middle of the room and locking his hands behind his back. He looked down at his feet. “Where did you say you wanted me, Sir?” 
Oh fuck. Hearing Cade call him Sir nearly had Reece rushing up to him and fucking him right there and then. But he didn’t. Instead, he tilted his chin and began to undo his shirt, trying to be the epitome of cool. 
“I want you to go to the bag, get the flogger and put it on the bed. I then want you to place lube next to it.” 
“Yes, Sir.” Cade moved to do as Reece had asked. 
Reece continued to undress but he didn’t take his eyes from Cade. He was fascinated. Cade’s whole demeanor had changed. He was a big bloke but he looked smaller with his head lowered and his movements hurried and eager to please. 
Reece kicked off his jeans and shoes and placed them on the floor by his shirt. But he didn’t remove his boxers. He left them on, with his cock straining against the material. 
Fuck, it was nice watching Cade spread the flogger on the bed, carefully making sure the strands were flat and neat. Reece couldn’t wait to play with it and see if Cade really did enjoy it as much as he professed to. 
“And lube,” Reece reminded him.
“Yes, Sir.” Cade added a tube of lube to the bed, next to the flogger.
“Now it’s time for you to strip,” Reece said. “Everything off.”
“Yes, Sir.” Cade peeled off his shirt then popped the buttons on his jeans.
Reece walked to the desk and opened the drawer. In it, he knew Cade had stashed the complimentary bag from the airplane. He pulled out the eye mask that blocked light.
When he turned, Cade was standing by the end of the bed, naked.
Reece’s cock surged again. Fuck, the bloke was so damn hot—all brawn and chiseled muscles and with a perfect coating of body hair. He was so fucking male he deserved to be worshiped all day, every day. 

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  1. Reece may be giving the orders and playing dominant, but Cade is clearly the one in control. He knows the effect he has on Reece and is playing it to his fullest advantage. At least that's my impression. Great snippet Lily.