Saturday, 12 May 2018

Saturday Spankings THE VIKING'S CAPTIVE #SatSpanks #BDSM #historicalromance

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. This week a few from my hot new historical romance THE VIKING'S CAPTIVE.

Back Cover Information

After her village is raided by Vikings and she is carried off and taken as a slave by one of the marauding Norseman, twenty-one-year-old Duna learns the hard way that her best attempts at defiance will merely earn her a painful, humiliating spanking. More shameful still is the inspection of her naked, helplessly aroused body which follows the strict chastisement.

Though he does not hesitate to punish his new slave's bottom both inside and out when her behaviour warrants it, Halvor cannot deny the effect Duna's innocence and beauty have on him, and before long he has decided to make her his wife and claim her virgin body properly. But when a man from her village tracks her down, will Duna choose to stay by Halvor's side?

“No, please, don’t rape me…” Fear gripped her as cool air washed over her naked thighs. She battled to get up, get away from him. She’d run into the hills, take her chances with the wolves and the boar, anything was better than Halvor forcing himself upon her.
“I’m not raping you, Duna.” He placed his hand squarely between her shoulder blades, keeping her in position. “Now keep still.”
She huffed out a breath. He’d well and truly trapped her.
He continued to hike up her clothing, until she was aware of it bunched around her waist.
Her undergarments were old but clean, and as he dragged them downward, exposing her bare buttocks, she suddenly realized what he had in mind.
I’m going to get spanked.
She hadn’t been spanked since she was a child, and then only once for going to the other side of the island without telling her mother and creating a day of worry for her parents.
“Keep still,” he said, rubbing his work-worn palm over her naked flesh.
She tensed and clenched her ass cheeks. His touch was so intimate, on a part of her that she kept covered and unseen.
Yet here she was exposed and vulnerable before this Viking.
A sob bubbled up from her chest; it was part humiliation, part regret for her actions.
He chuckled. “I haven’t even started yet, Duna, surely you’re not crying already.”
She writhed within his hold, finding a new strength she hoped would mean escape. But she barely moved. His strong grip on her seemed effortless. “Leave me alone.”
“We’ve already established that’s not going to happen.” He leaned, reaching for something.
It was with horror she realized what.
His shoe.
“Now this will hurt, as it’s designed to. For what would be the point of a master reprimanding his slave if it wasn’t painful?”



  1. It does seem like it's going to be painful - I wish her luck.

  2. He has a point, I guess. Don't think Vikings handed out lines to do or sent you to stand in the corner.