Saturday, 4 February 2017

Saturday Spankings - MOBSTER

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, this week a few swift slaps from my new mafia erotic suspense novel MOBSTER!

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When the shit hits the fan, Beth Rammada has no choice but to get the hell out of Chicago. Her family are sinking fast and she's at risk of being used as bait to hurt her father.

But living on the streets of New York is no walk in the park, until that is, she's taken under the rather dubious wing of Roper Hermanus. He's rough and tough and likes it kinky, or so he says. But should she stick around and help her sexy new friend turn a few tricks? Or should she be running for the hills?

As their journey reveals secrets,  Beth falls for the man who's shown her a new side to her erotic self. It seems their demons are compatible, they understand the underworld, extortion and blackmail is their currency.

Until that is the biggest secret of all has to be announced to their families. Will Beth's life ever be the same again? Does she want it to be? And will her mobster lover be there when she needs him most?

In an instant, she was upside down, staring at his naked ass and scrabbling to hold onto something. “Roper,” she said on a gasp as air rushed from her lungs.
He’d upended her over his shoulder and was marching to the bedroom like a man possessed.
She landed on the bed, bounced, and lost the towel that had been wrapped around her torso.
“Come here,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed and patting his lap. His expression had turned serious, his eyes dark.
For a moment, she wavered. It seemed such a vulnerable position to be in, almost child-like. Isn’t that what happened to naughty kids—they got spanked?
“This is gonna be so fucking sexy you won’t believe,” he said, reaching for her hands. “Empty your mind of pre-conceived ideas. This is all about us, how you feel, how I feel. Nothing else matters.”
She nodded and allowed him to position her over his thighs. Her breasts touched the bedsheets as did her knees, and her stomach pressed into his thighs. Her ass felt as though it was a mile high in the air and completely exposed.
“You have no idea how beautiful you are,” Roper said, sliding his palm over her buttocks. His callouses were a little sharp, but that only added to the pleasure of him touching her. “You’ve trusted me so much,” he murmured. “Trust me again on this one.”
A sharp slap hit down.
Then another, opposite cheek.
She jerked, but he set his free hand in the small of her back and kept her still.
She bit on her bottom lip.
“That’s it,” he said. “Take it. Take it all.”


  1. Wow! Hot snippet. It's clear that Roper knows the ropes. :)

  2. Hi! I'm filling in for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks! As Amelia says, it seems like Roper knows the ropes. LOL! I hope that his sub enjoys it. <3