Monday, 13 February 2017

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday.

I'm excited to announce that I have a story in this new collection BRITISH BAD BOYS which is coming soon! My story is titled ROUGH 'N' TOUGH and features a sexy Irish traveller who knows exactly how to treat a woman. Keep reading for an exclusive snippet...

Back Cover Information

Dive into this boxed set of stories written by bestselling and award-winning British romance authors. No one knows British bad boys better than they do.

Come and spend time with a dirty-talking London tattoo artist, a Scottish bad boy, a British gangster who won’t take no for an answer, and MORE! These men are all hotter than hell and have accents to die for. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it within these pages.

Packed full of standalone, steamy stories with no cliff-hangers and happy-ever-afters guaranteed, you won’t want to miss out on this limited collection, available for a short time only!

The scent of freshly soaked grass hit her. The air was damp and warm, and caressed her nostrils and her legs. After locking the door, she stuck to the side of the house, walking on pavers rather than gravel.
A strong arm circled her waist and she was pulled into a shadowed recess.
“Harper,” she gasped, setting her hand on his chest as he backed her against the wall.
He smiled down at her, the dim light only serving to make him look more irresistibly roguish.
“You shouldn’t be here?” she said, despite the fact she was thoroughly glad he was.
“Sure I should. I came to get my cash from your pa.”
“That was hours ago.”
“Yeah, I didn’t think he’d take kindly to me taking his sexy daughter and his money.”
“You’re right there.” She slipped her hands upwards, over his shoulders to his neck. His hair was tied back and his skin soft until she reached the sprinkle of stubble that peppered his jawline. “And where are you planning on taking me?”
“To my home.” He tipped his head a little. “I’ve seen yours, only right you see mine to.”
“Your home in Bowton or in Ireland?”
“It’s a fair trek to Ballymena from here.”
“Ballymena? Isn’t that near Belfast?”
“Just north. Where I was born.”
“But not raised.”
“Nope, raised on the road. Never been in one place for long.”
“And that suited you?”
“Always has, always will.” He lowered his head and swept his lips over hers.
She sighed and melted toward him. The illicitness of their encounter made it all the more sexy. They were wrong together, but so damn right it was impossible to resist.
He slipped his hands from her waist to her butt and pulled her closer, groaning a little as he did so. The kiss deepened, he squeezed her ass cheeks.
Her pussy clenched, and her belly tightened. How far could they go here? With her parents so close.
He lifted his head, breaking the kiss. He was breathing fast.
“In the pool,” she whispered. “What would you have done if my father hadn’t come home?”
He grinned. “Don’t you know?”
She shook her head and studied the way his eyes were glinting.
“I’d have made you come,” he said, his lips hovering over hers, their breath mixing. “I’d have made you come so hard you’d never have been the same again.”
Her knees weakened. A heated flush travelled through her body. It was all she could do not to whimper with longing. “I would have liked that.”
“Yeah, you would have. A lot.”
God, he was so cocky. So damn self-assured. It should have her rolling her eyes but far from it. Carmel couldn’t remember ever feeling so turned on by a guy. She was desperate for a hard orgasm the would mean she was never the same again.
And Harper was the one to deliver. Of that she was sure.

Special pre-order price of only $0.99. Due for release May 2017.

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  1. He sounds like he can back up that cockiness, for sure. :)