Saturday, 8 October 2016

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, here's a few from SLAP SHOT, book #3 in my HOT ICE series but perfectly fine as a standalone read.

Back Cover Information

"When it comes to Dana, the captain of the Vipers plays to win."

They say a leopard can’t change its spots. They’re wrong, because I did! Now I’m successful and independent and busy heading up my own company. I don’t have time for the complication of a man in my bed—not yet. That plan is years down the line.

Or so I thought. Because when a certain devastatingly sexy hockey captain sets his sights on me, my old impulsive self is determined to make up for two years of abstinence. I had to get sweaty, naked and dirty real quick. Heck to the consequences, regardless of the outcome. It’s all about immediate pleasure and intense satisfaction.

Trouble is, best laid plans never run smoothly and before I know it, I’m working a pole again and running for my life. Just as well Rick “Ramrod” Lewis lives up to his reputation and his name—big, bad and fortunately playing to win!

His mouth was at my temple, his chest against my shoulder blades keeping me tight up against the pole. “Shh,” he soothed, palming the burn in my butt. “It’s okay, it’s going to be amazing, stick with it.”
His body heat left me and another heated slap, my right buttock this time, hit down. As it seared across my skin, he curled his fingers inside me and stroked over my G-spot.
“Ow, ow, ow,” I panted, the sting making a beeline for my pussy, heating it and increasing the want.
“Oh baby, it’s so pretty, you’re going pink already.”
“But, Rick, I...” I was writhing my hips, claiming the wonderful pressure he was applying to my sweetest point. Oh, I didn’t need much more, it was so fantastic, his fingers were so damn clever. And the pole, the cool pole was right against my clit.
“I want to make you red,” he breathed into my ear.
His words washed over me, a blur amongst the cacophony of other sensations.
“I want to make your ass all pretty and red and then fuck you from behind,” he murmured. “So I can watch your glowing skin tremble for me. Tremble while I fuck you. Fuck you real hard.”
I heard those words loud and clear and Oh. My. God. I should have guessed a guy that overdosed on testosterone would have his fair share of kinks.
“I won’t slap you again until you ask, Dana.”
I pushed into the pole, squeezed shut my eyes and dragged in a breath. The pain had dulled, merely a memory now. But as it faded I realized I wanted it back. I wanted it back desperately. The sting was like a direct current of stimulation to my pussy. Another erotic stimulus that I had to have.
“Dana,” he breathed onto my temple. “Do you want more?”
“Yes,” I panted, hardly believing what I was agreeing to. “Yes, again. More.”


  1. I agree with Constance - that WAS hot! I love how she wants more at the end. Great snippet!

  2. I'd say these two are combustible together. Sounds like she's knew to kink, but she's discovering the benefits very quickly. Love the snippet, Lily.

  3. What a hot snippet! I liked it :)