Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cross-Checked - OUT NOW

"When a sexy, bad-boy hockey player sets his sights on you, it's only gonna get real good!"

Okay, I’ll admit it, I have a crazy, lust-infused crush. Brick, the sexy right-winger of the Orlando Vipers, is the star of all my erotic fantasies. Just a glimpse of him has me panting. So when the chance to actually work with this hot hockey player comes along, of course I say yes!

Being a world-class athlete myself, I have a strategic plan to have him all tied up with lust and desperate for me too. The thing is, plans never go smoothly. Especially when my heart pedals right into the vulnerable game of love again—completely unprotected.

Luckily this sinfully delicious superstar is just as hooked on me—phone sex, bondage, anal sex and rude piercings abound. Despite my tactical errors, Brick catches me when I fall, holds me when I cry and pleases me when I need it most. He’s hard on the outside, soft on the inside and plays one hell of determined game when it comes to finding the ultimate satisfaction.


“Are you in bed?” I asked.
“Are you?”
“Yes, it’s late.”
“I’m on the bed but not in bed, if you know what I mean.” A silence fell between us and I could hear his breaths down the line. “I’m sorry I ran out on you yesterday,” he said eventually.
I was quiet. He seemed to have a lot to apologize for.
“You still there?”
“Mmm, I’m here. So why did you dash off?”
He cleared his throat and when he spoke again his voice was lower, huskier. “If I hadn’t left when I did, you’d have found yourself slammed up against the wall and me burying myself inside you.”
My skin flushed at his erotic words. Hard and fast against the wall would have been so fucking horny. So damn hot. “Sounds public and presumptuous,” I said as I squeezed my thighs together. A buzz radiated from my clit right through my pelvis and up to my breasts. I squirmed in pleasure.
 “You said it wasn’t what you wanted to happen on a first date and so there was no way it was going to.” I heard him take another slug of his beer. He swallowed, a deep gulp of a sound and I could imagine him licking his lips with the tip of his tongue. Capturing the small, white froth left behind.
I want to be that froth.
“Can I be honest with you, Carly?” he asked quietly.
“Of course.”
“You’ve achieved these amazing, superhuman feats on your bike,” he murmured, “and I can’t believe you do all that with your sexy little body. It’s incredible. I mean, wow! Where the hell does all that stamina and strength come from? You got some battery fitted somewhere?”
I giggled. “No battery.” Not tonight anyway.
“And no team with you either. I have a ton of guys backing me up, but you, you’re on your own out there, for miles and miles. It must be really, like, impossibly hard. I want you to know how much I admire you.”
He was silent for a long moment. I stared at my toenails painted pale pink. He was right, it was damn hard work.
“I wish I was there with you,” he said so quietly I only just heard him.
“What, out on the track?”
“No.” He gave a small rumble of laughter. “In bed.”
“Mmm, I just bet you do.” I smiled broadly. I loved the way his mind was flowing in sync with mine.
“Yeah, I wish I was sprawled out on your bed with the lights down low, everything quiet and still, just you and me and the ticking of a clock.”
I’d pictured the scene a hundred times. It was a recurring fantasy. “And what would you do?” I lifted up my t-shirt and smoothed my hand over my flat belly. Imagined it was his big hand on my flesh. I could sense the rough skin on the pads of his palm now he’d touched me for real and I knew they were there. “If you were lying here in bed with me. What would you do?”
“You sure you want to know?” he asked.
“You got me curious now.” I could feel myself getting turned-on faster than I could cycle. But I had to stay cool.
“I’d savor you,” he said. “Slowly, very slowly.”
“And how would you do that?” I hoped he’d be graphic—really graphic and really detailed.
“I need to know something first.” He paused. “What are you wearing?”
“A slip,” I lied.
“Describe it.”
 “It’s black satin, very small and incredibly short.” I poked a finger through a ragged hole in the hem of my t-shirt. “The material is so sheer your hand would slide over it as if it wasn’t there.” I tugged my finger and made the hole half an inch bigger.
“Sounds hot. Just how short is it?”
“If I touched my toes, you’d see my entire butt.” I felt a flush of excitement travel up my chest. “My entire naked butt.”
“Take it off.” He took another gulp of his beer.
“Yeah, now.” His voice was tight. My black slip and naked butt had clearly hit the spot.
“Okay, hang on.” I set down the phone, pulled off my t-shirt and tossed it on the floor.
I picked the phone back up.
“Are you naked now?” he asked.
“What do you think?”
“Honey, if I shut my eyes I can see you sprawled out on a bed, shadows licking over your body and those tempting little tits poking up.”
My nipples puckered just at the way he said “tits”. All long and drawling and he stretched out the “s” like a hiss. I snaked my hand upward and cupped my right breast. “So what would you do?” I asked.
“I’d cup your tit in my hand. Your right tit.”
I gave myself a little squeeze and pretended it was him.
“Can you do that now, Carly? Will you touch yourself and describe it for me?”
Right now I would do naked cartwheels if he asked me to. “If that’s what you want?”
Silence claimed the line for several long seconds. “You were already doing it weren’t you?”
“Yes,” I said, pulling my nipple to a point. “What do you want to know?”
“I want to know how you’d fit in my hand.” I heard him take a swig of his drink again. A bit faster this time. I heard the slosh of liquid and the pop of suction. “Would you fill my palm?”
“Probably not, I already told you, heck, you already looked. I’m not a big girl.”
“I’ve discovered a sudden fondness for the exact opposite of big.”
“Lucky me.”
“Yeah, lucky you, you’re the one holding a breast in your hand, I’ve got nothing in mine.”
“You could have.” Oh my god! Was this really happening? Could I really go through with this? I’d never had phone sex before.
 “What do you mean?” he asked.
“I’m naked,” I said. Of course I could go through with this. It was the perfect way to keep myself distanced and in control but at the same time snare his attention and have some hot fun. “Why are you still clothed?”
“You want me to take off my jeans?” He sounded amused and disbelieving at the same time.
“Sure, it’s not fair otherwise.”

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