Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Russian Heat - NEW AND OUT NOW (Includes bonus story ROOKIE RULES)

"One night stands should be exactly that, one sexy, crazy wild night, so when fate has different plans and a hot Russian hockey player is involved, things are sure to heat up."

I love my job, working on the airlines and traveling the world is everything I'd ever hoped and more. Fun comes in bucketsful, I work had and play hard and if I can have some sexy time with a hot guy, why not? I'm a free agent.

Except when my one night stand is a hunk of a hockey player with a smooth Russian accent and an even smoother way of sweet talking me into his bed not once but several times over, things definitely get complicated for my heart. I had no intention of having it broken again.

But will he be able to make it up to me? Has he even returned from his homeland? And what the hell is going to happen when engine failure makes my life flash before my eyes? Only one way to find out, and that's to hang on for the ride.


I took a deep breath and stared at the curtain. Much as I wanted to I couldn’t hide in the galley for an entire flight. And why should I? We’d both known what we were doing. No strings sex, that was all. Really fucking good sex but still, no ties afterwards. We were both adults, right? We could move on from this with no ill effects.
With my chin tilted I moved down the aisle again. I tended the man opposite Vadmir with a smile and a polite remark. He took his drink and I promised to return with water so he could take a pill.
As I spoke I could feel Vadmir’s gaze on me. If he reached out, across the aisle, he’d be able to stroke my ass, the way he had in the corridor the night before as we’d tumbled into my room. But now I didn’t wear hotpants, now I had on a navy, pencil-straight skirt that fitted me like a second skin and a tight fitted jacket that nipped in at my waist and skimmed neatly over my breasts.
Now I was in work mode, a professional and he’d have to just accept that.
I worked my way farther along the aisle, tending everyone and then slipped back toward the galley. When I walked past Vadmir, so close I could smell that damn gorgeous cologne he wore, again I knew he was staring at me—at my ass as my hips swayed with each step.
Was he remembering how he’d bent me over the bed and fucked me as he’d gripped my hips to keep me just where he wanted me? Damn, I reckon I had two sets of bruises from his fingertips. We’d gotten pretty carried away on that particular occasion.
Hurriedly I pulled the curtain across, glad to be out from under his scrutiny. A mass of memories were billowing in and out of my mind like a jumbled blur from a porno movie. I was hot, hot and flustered.
Tara was heading out with a tray of pre-dinner snacks. I was behind with my serving but that didn’t matter.
I moved to the window and flapped the top section of my blouse, breezing it beneath my jacket. Why was it so warm in here?
I stared downward. Beneath me cotton wool clouds ballooned together, an undulating surface for us to skim over. Below the clouds the Atlantic was stretching out before us, a vast stretch of water waiting for us to cross.
The hostess buzzer pinged and I glanced at the screen. It was my passenger who wanted the water. Patience clearly wasn’t his strong point.
After reaching for a bottle of Evian and a tray of snacks I moved back into first class. I delivered the water and then set about handing out hors d’oeuvre. The business lady took two and the nervous flyer waved his hand at me, refusing even a nibble.
Bracing myself and plastering on my most professional smile, I turned to Vadmir.
Damn the guy was sexy. He’d done a casual destruction of his clothing since I’d last looked at him. His cap was twisted to the side, the top button on his black polo shirt was undone—the collar a little curled—and he’d un-tucked the base of it from his jeans. I itched to straighten the collar but resisted. Last night I’d had permission to run my hands, and my tongue, all over him.  But that was last night and this was now. Now he wasn’t mine to touch.
“Would you like something from the tray, sir?” I asked, lowering it in front of him.
He didn’t even glance at the carefully prepared canapés, instead he stared, unblinking, straight into my eyes.
“Sir?” I asked as my heart thrummed and that scorching flush of heat moved back over my chest. I tried to beat it down but he was soul-achingly handsome and I was finding it hard to speak, hell, breathing was difficult. “Can I tempt you with something?” I managed.
“You know my name,” he said in a low, rumbling voice as he narrowed his eyes. “Quit the sir thing.”
“The thing is, sir,” I said, “Right now I’m handing out food to passengers and you’re a passenger.”
“I am more than a passenger.” His nostrils flared. “And you know it.”
I gulped. He hadn’t shaved—no doubt been in too much of a rush after our late start to the day—and he had a dusting of blond stubble over his jaw and chin, it was denser over his upper lip. It gave him a rugged, menacing look that combined with his accent and the steely look in his eyes just made him all the more alluring.
“I take it you don’t want anything,” I said, refusing to think of him as alluring for another second. I was on duty and it just wasn’t professional to think that way. “But if you change your mind please call for a stewardess.” With my free hand I indicated the small red button on the control panel on the arm of his seat.
Suddenly he dashed out his hand and wrapped his fingers around my wrist. He pulled me in close, so close so that I was leaning right in toward him.
I gasped and gripped the tray tight to prevent the contents from spilling. “What are you doing?” I whispered harshly as my nose almost touched his.
“You know my damn name, Sammy,” he whispered, his hot breath spreading over my neck. “You were screaming it last night. Screaming it as I made you come so hard you could hardly remember what planet you were on…” He paused. “So use it. Say my name.”
My stomach clenched.
He mashed his lips into a tight line, then, “Please,” he said, softer this time, “don’t make me feel like I was nothing more than a jock with a cock to you. That would be hurting my feelings very much.” He frowned and swallowed.
A full body tremble attacked me. I gulped in a breath. “V…Vadmir,” I said, nodding at his hold on me. “Let go of me…now.”
He flashed open his fingers and released my wrist.
“Thank you,” he said. “That was all I wanted.”

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