Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday Snog

Welcome to Sunday Snog! This week a snippet from SHARED my menage a trois novel that hits the shelves tomorrow!

“So I wait all day,” I said with a smile. “And you both appear at the same time.” I looked up from my painting of the bay, which was more or less complete.
“Yeah, like buses,” Liam said, striding across the living room and lifting me to my feet. “Two come along at once.” He bent his head and kissed me soft and gentle. My knees weakened and I leaned into his granite body, wrapped my arms around his shoulders and molded to him as he held me up.
“I think in this house it’s more like three come at once,” Quinn said in his most drawling, sexy voice. He tossed his jacket over the back of the sofa and walked over to Liam and me.
Liam pulled his mouth from mine and I felt Quinn cup my cheek. “Hey,” he said. His black eyes flashed and a muscle flexed in his cheek. “You had a good day?”
I nodded and reached for a kiss. As Liam held me tight, Quinn delved deep into my mouth. Our tongues began a wild dance and I slipped one hand from Liam to wind around Quinn’s waist. His kiss was tighter, harder, there was something wilder about it than Liam’s but I adored both sensations and being able to swap from one to the other was idyllic.
“I’ve missed you this afternoon,” Liam said, brushing my hair aside and stooping to kiss my neck. “Been thinking of your body,” he said onto my skin. “Been remembering that adorable little shout you do just before you come, it makes me hard, so hard.”
I splayed my fingers and pressed against the back of his neck, urging on his kissing and his talking. His words were like syrup running into my veins and pooling sweetly between my legs. How these guys could get me so turned-on so quickly was amazing. I guessed it was one of the benefits of having two lovers.
“I want to hear it again,” Liam said into my ear. “I want to hear it shouted out, loud and wild...” he paused, “around my cock.”
A whimper of desire escaped my lips, which Quinn caught in his mouth. Liam pressed his body closer and his erection shoved against my stomach. He was right, he was hard from thinking about my little shout of ecstasy.
Quinn snaked his hand up my top, delved inside my bra and tweaked my nipple.
“Do you want that, Ariane?” he asked in a gravelly voice, palming the underside of my breast. His breath was heated and coming faster by the second. “Do you want to suck Liam’s cock while I make you come? Would that thrill you, would it make you feel adored and cherished?”
Did I want it? Hell yes!
I nodded and pulled both men closer still. “Yes,” I said, catching in a breath as Quinn pulled my other nipple to the point of pain. “Yes, please.” I could barely fathom what I was agreeing to, how the logistics would work, but it sounded like enormous fun for all of us, and it had been a long, quiet afternoon alone with my thoughts.
“Then strip,” Quinn said, pulling back with a decidedly predatory look in his eye. “Quickly.” He began to undo his trousers.
Liam didn’t let me go. He plucked at my jeans and helped me shove them off along with my thong, then curled his fingers under my t-shirt and teased it over my head. He unhooked my bra and slid it down my arms.
“You get more beautiful every time I see you,” he murmured, scanning the entire length of my body in an indulgent, lazy way.
My skin pricked deliciously at his appreciative gaze. “Do you think anyone can see us?” I asked, glancing at the open door leading to the balcony. There wasn’t much other than the mirror-still sea and white-blue sky to look at. But there was a distant path running around the breakwater in the distance.
“If they can they’re in for a treat,” Quinn said peeling off his shirt to reveal his mouthwatering chest. “That path must be nearly a mile away.”
“Don’t worry, Ariane,” Liam said. “We’re looking after you, remember. No one will see.”
Quinn came up behind me, wrapped his fingers over my bare hips and urged me toward the sofa. “Bend over,” he said by my ear as my knees touched the coolness of leather. “Get up on the cushions and bend over so I can take your hot little pussy from behind.”
Liam moved around the back of the sofa and as I climbed on and curled my fingers over the backrest I realized I was perfect height for his groin. What they were intending to do suddenly became clear. My heart fluttered and a shiver of excitement tickled through my pelvis. They were going to fuck me in front and behind.
“I love the shape of your lips,” Liam said, brushing a thumb over my mouth as his other hand fiddled with his jeans.
“Mmm,” said Quinn, running his fingers up the inside of my thighs and urging them apart. “Me too.” I arched my back as his fingers slid into the soft folds of my pussy lips. He spread my natural lube, delving into every crease and crevice, leaving no patch of delicate flesh untouched. My clit swelled with need, I could almost feel it throbbing, aching for Quinn to rub me hard and fast the way he was so good at. I closed my eyes and pushed back onto him, wanting more.
“Here you are, baby,” Liam said. “Open up.”
I opened my eyes and looked at Liam’s offered cock. The deep red shaft lay cupped in his palm as his thumb raked back and forth over the long slit. The head was shiny with moisture, sparkling temptingly only an inch away. My mouth watered, I licked my lips. I was desperate to get him in my mouth, get him in so deep, my nose buried in his thatch of golden pubes and his slit rubbing against my throat.
He pressed forward and as the musky taste of him touched my lips I felt Quinn’s cock prodding.
“You ready?” Liam asked as his other hand cupped my chin and squeezed either side of my mouth. “You ready to take us both?” 

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