Monday, 18 July 2016

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to another wonderful Masturbation Monday. My novel COLD NIGHTS, HOT BODIES, is due for release on Friday 22nd July so I thought I'd share a sexy scene in the shower. The gorgeous hero is getting inventive with the spray hose!

 - please note, COLD NIGHTS, HOT BODIES, was previously published with different cover art.

“I think I might take a shower,” I said after a few minutes. My skin was cooling and I’d become aware of a damp tackiness between my legs. 
He turned his head and grinned. “Want company?” 
“Mm, that would be another first.” 
He twitched his eyebrows and stood. “Well, we’ll have to make it count then.” He reached for my hand, tugged me to standing and led me to the bathroom. 
Within seconds the huge shower cubicle was filled with hot, swirling steam. I slipped off my stockings and we stepped under the torrent of water. Drawing me close, he set about kissing me, lazily, indulgently as the water soaked over our hair and bodies. Gently, he nibbled down my neck and across my collarbone while exploring my back and butt with his hands. 
The feel of a hot, wet body pressed against mine in the shower was divine. He was hard and slippery, and the hairs on his forearms, chest and abdomen as they brushed across my sensitive skin, utterly delicious. 
“You have a great bum,” he said, cupping a butt cheek in each palm and squeezing.
“Thanks,” I giggled.
“Just the right size for me to grope.” He grinned and continued to massage. Buzzing sensations traveled to my pussy, his enjoyment of my rear a total turn-on. 
He furrowed his brow. “Damn, I should have got those condoms before I jumped in this shower with you. We could have found your other sweet spot in here and I could have worshipped your butt while it was all wet and slippery.” 
Lust screamed through me again, his words an aphrodisiac all on their own. God, I wanted him in me again, burying fast and hard from behind, finding my G-spot, making me cry out with pleasure. “So go, go and get some,” I said, blinking water from my eyes. 
“I will in a minute.” He reached for the hand attachment of the shower. “Once I’ve made sure your first shared shower is memorable.” 
I stared at his handsome face as he adjusted the water setting on the attachment, making the stream hard and fast. If I never had a shower with another guy in my life I would be quite happy. He needed to do nothing other than just stand there naked, wet and gorgeous and it was perfect. He was so damn sexy, how could anyone else ever compare? 
“Like this,” he said, backing me up until my shoulders hit smooth, cool tiles. 
He blasted the jet into his palm then reached for my hand and did the same to me. It tickled in a strong, vibrating way. I curled my fist around the spray. 
“Do you trust me?” 
I nodded. 
“Then go with it, just enjoy.” He pulled my arm straight and moved the jet of water up the inside of my forearm, over the delicate underside of my elbow and onto my shoulder. My sensitive skin greedily lapped up the pounding sensation. 
What is he doing? 
He moved the jet down my collarbone and onto the top rise of my breast, watching his movements carefully. 
My breasts felt heavy with desire, my nipples had puckered. The stream of beating water moved lower, then circled my areola. 
“Shane,” I gasped, holding on to his wrist. The hard sensation was new and deep. 
“Shh,” he soothed, keeping the jet perfectly still so that it pounded relentlessly at my nipple. “Does it feel nice?” 
“Yes, different, but yes, nice.” I pinched my other nipple, twisting it between my fingers and tugging until pain mixed with the sensations. 
He smiled as though again enjoying my uninhibited actions. “It’s going to feel even nicer down here.” The water moved downward, over my ribs and navel. “Open your legs, honey, and you should lock your knees.” 
My mind spun as I realized what he was going to do. “I-I don’t know.” 
“It’s okay,” he said, kissing me gently. “I can’t make you come with my cock until I’ve stocked up on condoms, but you’ll like this way of climaxing, I’m sure of it.” 
I parted my legs as the beating water pounded over my pubic hair. Still I kept hold of his wrist. The jet was so strong, so forceful, and I needed to have some control as it went near my most delicate flesh. 
He glanced down, his black eyelashes heavy with drips. Using his free hand, he parted my folds to reveal my pale, still-swollen clit. 
“So pretty,” he murmured. 
The water hit. 
“Ah!” I went up on my tiptoes and shifted away. 
“Stay with it,” he said. “You’ll come fast and hard, just stay with it.” 
“It’s too much.” I shook my head and writhed against the tiles. 
He grinned and pressed his legs to mine, pinning me in place. “You said that last time and ended up having a wild ride, remember?” 
I swallowed. He was right. I wanted to do as he asked, really I did.
“Ashley,” he murmured onto my lips. “Trust me to make you feel good.” 
The water was back, hammering through my pubic hair. I nodded, sucking in a hot, wet breath and bracing for it hitting my delicate clit again. 
This time I forced myself not to move as it connected. “Oh god,” I groaned into his mouth. The sensation was so intense, so concentrated. 
“Come,” he murmured. “Come again, beautiful lady.” 
Already my orgasm was growing and suddenly the thought of moving away from the water pressure was unthinkable. It felt fabulous, amazing. The strong stimulation direct and focused, building me up so quickly my head spun and my muscles trembled. 
“Shane,” I gasped, clutching his shoulder for support. “I’m going to…” 
“I know, take it.” 
I was floating, nothing existed except for Shane directing hammering water at my clit. I shut my eyes, started to call out but no sound emerged. The plane of bliss I was on was vibrant and all-consuming. 
Then my pussy was clamping down, spasming around nothing, and my clit exploded in ecstatic, throbbing pulsations. 
“Ah god, yes, yes, please, no more.” 
The shower attachment fell to the floor, freeing my clit of the wicked water. He kissed me, hard, pulling me into his body. 
My knees would barely hold me and I clung to him as my whole pelvis contracted over and over. I gasped at the speed and ferocity he’d brought me to climax with his naughty little trick. I was hot and feverish and aware of sweat pricking over my body even though I was standing beneath a shower of water. 
“I told you to trust me,” he said, nipping my bottom lip lightly then trailing kisses to the hollow of my throat. “I know my way around a woman’s body, and yours is just about the sweetest and most responsive I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring.” 
Fluttering my eyes shut, I reveled in his delicate kisses and his raw strength. “Keep exploring, I like it.” 
He chuckled, reaching for the shower gel and filling his palms with the spicy ginger liquid. With a quick rub of his hands it turned to white foam. “Turn around, honey.” 
I did as he instructed and he coated my back in suds, creeping his hands ’round to slide over my breasts and down between my legs. “How did you?” I paused. “I mean how do you know something like that?” 
His lips were by my ear. “What do you mean?” 
“How did you know the water would make me come so fast?” 
“You really want to know?” 
I nodded. 
He sighed. “I surprised Mandy in the shower once. She was squatted on the floor getting herself off with the hard stream of water from the mobile attachment.” 
“Oh.” I pictured his ex-wife, beautiful I was sure, masturbating in the shower as she waited for him to join her and start the real thing. “I see.” 
He tweaked my soapy nipples. “We’d just made love. I guess she’d faked it and headed off to the shower to find her release.” 
Faked it? With Shane? 
It was unthinkable. I could orgasm again just from him rubbing suds on my breasts. The woman had something seriously wrong with her. 
I turned to face him and the water washed away the bubbles on my chest. “Well, I’m sorry if that made you feel bad, which I’m sure it did, but I’m not sorry you discovered that unique shower experience for me to enjoy.” I kissed him and his hard cock strained against my belly. 
“Mm,” he murmured. “I’m glad it worked so well.” He probed his tongue into my mouth and tangled it with mine, slid his hands down my back and onto my butt. “Ah, fuck.” He pulled away from our wet, rapidly intensifying kiss. “If I don’t get outta here now and go get those condoms, you, Ashley, could find yourself the mother of my child.” He pulled away and grinned broadly. “I’ll be back in ten minutes, go get some rest. You’ll need it.” 



  1. My orgasms in the shower were never the same after I finally got a good shower head and enough water pressure, lol.

  2. Sometimes all you need is a really good showerhead...