Saturday, 9 July 2016

A Sexy Castle ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS149

Wishing you a very warm welcome to MY SEXY SATURDAY, this week a few lines from my new menage a trois release, CUFFED. If hot cops who don't mind sharing a woman are your thing, make sure you grab a copy today!

She shrugged. “So what about you? If you die now, here, when was the last time you had a good screw?”
“A good screw.” He kind of grinned, creases forming around his eyes. “And we’re not talking DIY.”
“Nope, definitely not.”
He appeared to think for a moment, then, “It was a one-night stand about three months ago.”
“I wouldn’t have taken you for a one-night stand type of guy.”
“Why not?”
“I dunno. I guess I always thought cops would have too many hangups about knowing the person they were hooking up with, you know, in case of a criminal record.”
“That’s a crazy idea.”
She raised her eyebrows. “So who was she?”
“Can’t remember her name. Vince and I were out on
the town—”
“You and Vincent?”
“Yeah, we’re mates as well as partners.”
“We decided we needed a bit of light relief after a week of long shifts. Some food, a drink or two, you know. We ended up in a club at St. Paul’s, got chatting to a few birds...sorry, women.”
“Go on.” She was fascinated by his story. The thought of Vincent and Rudy out on the town, dressed up, smelling gorgeous, a bit of action on their minds; she couldn’t deny that it turned her the hell on. She’d wished she’d been at that club in St. Paul’s to intercept them before these other women got their claws in.
“Well, one of them was married. She stayed for a while, then headed home. The other one...” He paused. “Her name was... Jenny, yeah, that’s right. She asked if we’d escort her back to her place. Of course, we were happy to. The evening had come to an end.”
“So then what? You got back to hers and said goodbye to Vincent?”
“No, we didn’t say goodbye to him.” He reached up with his free hand and pushed a long strand of hair over her shoulder, his fingers just brushing her neck. “He came in, too.”
“Oh. I see.” She didn’t really. And what was with it with the hair?
Your sexy long hair.
“And things...” His eyes sparkled. “Well, things got fun.”
“So you and her...”
“Yeah. She was cute, several years older than both of us, but up for a good time.”
“Both of you?” A thought went through her mind. “So you and Vincent, you both...”
“Don’t sound so surprised. We were all consenting adults.” He was watching her reaction closely.

Back Cover Information

All journalist Roxie Diamond wants is the chance to ride with the London night patrol. Reporting on women who sell their bodies to survive is her latest assignment, and she’s on the case. Trouble is, the two hot cops she’s partnered with couldn’t be more different. Officer Rudy is displeased to have a tag-along, but he can brood all he likes while she admires his partner’s cute ass and broad shoulders.

Roxie doesn’t count on getting involved in a human trafficking case. Before she knows it she’s snatched, interrogated, and her world is turned upside down. Her sullen cop takes her safety seriously, but how can he protect her if they’re handcuffed together and locked in an abandoned warehouse?

Spending an evening skin to skin with Officer Rudy has Roxie thinking about all sorts of things. Just how close is he to his partner? Will the anger in his eyes turn to desire if she confesses her lust? And can they really do that, while in such a dangerous predicament?

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