Saturday, 28 May 2016

Come and Get My Sexy ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS143

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. I'm super excited this week as I have a new erotic romance available for Amazon pre order at a bargain price of 99c/99p (out June 28th at full price!)


“I like this survival technique,” he muttered before catching her mouth in another kiss.
She freed his cock from his boxers and worked him. It was a lazy, almost languid pace. The storm raged outside, the tarp snapped against the rock it was secured to, a flash of lightning lit up their makeshift shelter. But Tia was lost to the moment, enjoying feeling Levi thicken in her hand and the small moans he made. Whenever she reached the tip of his cock she noticed he held his breath, stopped kissing her, just for a split second, then resumed as she smoothed back down.
He reached for her arse again, dipping his hands into her knickers. Urging her to move closer, and press nearer to his cock.
“How we gonna do this?” he asked.
“I’d have thought you’d know the routine,” she said. “Or do Americans do it differently?”
“Yeah... we do it better.” He squeezed her butt.
She giggled against his mouth. “I’m looking forward to you proving that.”
“I will, but what I want to know is are you up for lying down on this dirt or do you want to go on top?”
“You’re such a gentleman.”
“I like to think so.”
She released his cock, went up onto her knees and pushed at her knickers.
Quickly she shucked them off, and cast them aside. “No way am I lying on this, though I think...” She pressed her hands over his shoulders and straddled him again. “If you stay just like that it will work fine.”

Here's the details...

The week before her big day, Tia catches her fiancé getting down and dirty with her best friend. She quickly washes her hands of them both. But why waste a perfectly good and very expensive honeymoon to her dream spot-South Africa?

After bumping into the same cute guy three times in Cape Town, Tia's reminded she still has desires. Before long, they’re hiking over Table Mountain together, and getting to know each other. Levi is charming and funny, sexy and strong.

When trouble brews in the African sky, a wild storm leaves them stranded on the mountain as night falls. Levi's survival skills provide them with quick shelter as the storm rages above. But for Tia, another storm rages between her and her sexy saviour. Will he teach her to trust again? Or is there more to the hot American than meets the eye?

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