Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Cover Reveal - CUFFED

I'm thrilled to have a story in the new Fearless collection at All Romance eBooks. My story is a super sexy cop menage a trois titled CUFFED - due out July 2016

Back cover information

All journalist Roxie Diamond wants is the chance to ride out with the London night patrol. Reporting on the women who sell their bodies to survive is her latest assignment and she's on the case.

Trouble is the two hot cops she's set up with couldn't be more different, and Officer Rudy couldn't be more displeased to have a tag-along.

But that doesn't matter. Officer Rudy can brood all he likes, while she admires his partner's cute ass, broad shoulders and gets her story.

What she doesn't count on is being mistaken for an accessory in human trafficking. Before she knows it, she's snatched, interrogated and her world turned upside down.

Just as well her sullen cop takes her safety seriously. Though how much help he'll be when she finds herself handcuffed to him in an abandoned warehouse, locked up for goodness knows how long, she doesn't know.

Will he open up? Protect her? Will the anger in his eyes turn to desire when she confesses her lust? Will he admit to the passion she can feel brimming beneath his surface? And can they really do 'that', while in such a dangerous predicament? And just how close is he to his partner?

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