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Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday, it's a very exciting time of year as May is Masturbation Month! To celebrate there are lots of prizes going on so make sure, after you're done here, you head over to Masturbation Monday host site and enter the contest.

This week's prompt made me think of a crazy hot scene in The Silk Tie where Hayley's is letting another man touch her husband and in doing so, fulfilling a fantasy for them all...

It's an entire chapter, so settle down and enjoy...

I stood in the guest bedroom alone. All was quiet, though the sound of the shower was faint through the wall. Gabe had closed the door and I’d respected his privacy to prepare for Brent.
I stared at the four-poster bed. Elegant and indulgent, it dominated the room. Beside it were two dark wooden bedside lockers. On the right one I’d set lube, condoms and a bottle of Evian.
Deciding to half draw the curtains, I went to the first window and tugged. The light turned subdued, became more seductive, and I figured that would be a better ambience for a first time. Plus, the window was open slightly and a small breeze billowed them gently inward, shifting the shadows.
At the second window, I stared out at the pool and remembered the fun we’d had last weekend. Splashing around and making up rules for a silly ball game. I recalled how it had felt to be pressed up against Brent’s chest when the glass had broken. How he’d told me he didn’t want me to get hurt.
It seemed he felt like that about not just my feet but my emotions too.
With the room now shadowed, I picked up my brush from the dressing table and ran it through my hair.
The shower switched off.
I needed to decide where I was going to watch Gabe and Brent. Would I be on the bed with them? No, that was too close. The dressing table stool, perhaps? No, that was too far away and not very comfortable.
A bottle-green, high-backed chair sat in the corner beside one of the bedside tables. I walked over to it then gripped the arms. It was heavy and the feet dragged on the carpet, but I soon had it angled toward the bed.
I sat down. I was about six feet from where I presumed the action would take place. It was also darker sitting here because of a huge wardrobe on the other side of the chair. It was a perfect viewing point for a voyeur like me.
The bathroom door opened, and Gabe wandered out wearing his favorite pair of worn jeans. His chest was bare and his hair was damp and pushed back over his head. He’d shaved that morning but I could smell a fresh application of his most expensive cologne.
“How are you doing?” I asked, standing.
Damn, he looked so absolutely fuckable.
He walked up to me and cupped my face. “I’m fine, are you?”
“Yes.” My stomach was tense and my skin hot and tingly, a bit like going up the ramp on a rollercoaster. But I was okay.
“No matter what happens, remember I love you,” Gabe said. “You’re my wife, my soul mate. Nothing can change that.”
“I know, and you remember that this is your moment of fun with Brent. Go with it. Forget I’m here. Realize the fantasy.”
“I doubt I’ll forget that you’re here…” He paused and smiled. “Well, maybe a little.”
I ran my hand down his chest then smoothed it over the lower curve of his defined pectoral muscles. “I put out the lube and condoms.”
He glanced at the locker. “Thanks.”
There was a knock at the door.
We both looked at each other then at the entrance to the room.
The door opened and Brent walked in.
He wore tight black boxers and nothing else. Like Gabe’s, his hair was damp.
He shut the door up and stood still, staring at us.
Gabe dropped his hands from my face and I took a step away.
“It’s dark in here,” Brent said.
“Too dark?” Gabe asked. “I can open the curtains.”
“No, it’s perfect,” Brent said, walking around the end of the bed and up to Gabe. “I can see you but it’s not dazzling. My eyes are adjusting now.” He smiled and gestured to the chair, looked my way. “You’ve found your viewing position, I see.”
“Yes.” I nodded.
He stepped past Gabe, reached for my hand and drew my knuckles to his lips. “I hope you enjoy the show.”
I swallowed. “I’m sure I will.”
He released me and turned to Gabe.
I admired Brent’s torso as he moved. Long and sleek, his muscles rippled gently beneath the surface. He didn’t appear to have any fat on him, he was just neat, harnessed strength. And his boxers covered an impressive bulge, the outline of which was easily made out. I’d guess he was already half-mast just with the anticipation of fucking Gabe.
“You smell good,” he said to Gabe as he ran the tip of his index finger over Gabe’s shoulder and down his bicep. “Delicious, in fact.”
Gabe tensed. “Thank you.”
“Relax,” Brent said. “You want this.”
“I do,” Gabe said, “I want you.”
Brent smiled then leaned forward and kissed my husband.
I stood and watched, mesmerized, the way I had been when I’d spied on them. Their large jaws moved in time. Both men had their eyes shut and the dance of their mouths showed their sleek tongues touching and exploring.
Gabe moaned a little, how he did when he became lost in a kiss, and he set his hands on the sides of Brent’s waist. The touch seemed a little hesitant, a bit awkward, though I could tell he was completely invested in the kiss.
Brent pulled back a fraction. He rested his palm on Gabe’s cheek then turned to me. “Come here, Hayley.”
I did as he’d asked. “What?” I asked quietly. My heart was thudding—just seeing them kiss did seriously stimulating things to my libido.
“Kiss him,” Brent said. “Kiss your husband.”
That was an instruction I didn’t need to be given twice.
Brent kept his hand on Gabe’s face as I meshed my lips with Gabe’s, prodding his tongue with mine and absorbing the lingering flavor of Brent in his mouth.
When I broke the kiss, Brent placed his hand on my face, too, so he was holding us both.
“You two are hot together,” he said smiling. “And so perfect for one another. I feel honored that you’ve let me in to fulfill a fantasy.”
“We feel the same about you being here,” Gabe said. He touched Brent’s mouth with his fingertips and traced the shape of his lips.
Brent smiled and gazed at Gabe. He then dropped his hand from my face and, as I’d done earlier, he caressed Gabe’s chest.
I felt Gabe’s shoulder shift against mine as he sucked in a breath. Being touched sensually, by a man, was what he’d wanted.
“I didn’t think you’d bother with jeans,” Brent said, slipping his hand down to Gabe’s waistband.
“I’m commando,” Gabe said with an almost shy smile.
Brent waggled his eyebrows. “Really?”
“Yes, really.”
“Let’s have a look then, shall we?” Brent sank to his knees so his face was level with Gabe’s groin.
He undid the top button on Gabe’s jeans, then the next and the next. His big fingers worked slowly but steadily and his face held a serious expression of concentration.
Gabe was utterly still at my side.
Brent released the last button then tugged and shifted the jeans down to Gabe’s knees.
Gabe’s cock sprung forward, stiff and thick. The veins were raised and it jutted jauntily toward Brent’s face.
“Commando works for me,” Brent said. He swept his tongue over his bottom lip and stared at Gabe’s erection.
“I need…” Gabe kicked a little and rid himself of his trousers completely. “To lose these.”
Brent smiled and shoved the jeans aside. He didn’t take his gaze from Gabe’s cock. “Good, naked is how I like you best, so it seems.”
I liked Gabe naked too, but I wasn’t about to speak and break the sizzling connection between the two men. It was almost palpable. The air was alive with need.
Brent slid his palms up from Gabe’s knees to his thighs then tickled his fingers through Gabe’s wiry pubic hair.
Again Gabe tensed. He swayed too.
“You have an incredible dick,” Brent said. “I want to taste it.”
“Okay…” Gabe said, his voice breathy and light. “I mean yes…please do.”
Brent smiled, but only briefly because then he opened his mouth, leaned forward and took the head of Gabe’s cock between his lips. He gripped Gabe’s shaft with his right hand and with his left, scooped up his balls.
“Ah, fuck,” Gabe said. He toppled backward a few inches before adjusting his balance.
I snapped out my arm and curled it around his waist, felt his weight sag against me as I supported him.
“That’s…oh, God, your mouth on me…Brent.”
Gabe didn’t need to say the words. Brent’s mouth, stretched around the flare of Gabe’s cock, was a beautiful and highly erotic sight.
Brent slid Gabe’s shaft deeper. His eyes were shut and his jaw pulled wide. He fed Gabe in, slipping his fingers over his erection.
Gabe reached out and weaved his fingers into Brent’s hair. “Fucking hell,” he gasped.
Brent kept going. I knew how much of Gabe I could take in my mouth, and it wasn’t to the root but Brent was nearly there now. His cheeks bulged and his nostrils flared. I could hear him breathing hard through his nose.
Gabe panted and stared downward.
I held him tight, my nipples peaking against my floaty sundress and my pussy dampening the gusset of my knickers.
“Ahh, yeah…”Gabe said, rocking his hips forward.
Brent’s face became buried in Gabe’s pubic hair. His shoulders were raised, tense, and his hand that had gripped Gabe’s cock now squeezed Gabe’s hip, his knuckles were paling.
I knew he’d be fighting his gag reflex. He had Gabe so deep, so far down.
He began to withdraw.
Gabe’s cock came into view, inch-by-inch, saliva-coated and shiny.
Gabe dragged in a deep breath then blew it out slowly.
Brent took hold of Gabe’s shaft again and held it tight. He pumped from the base to the tip several times, pulling on the skin and working his tongue over and into the slit.
Gabe moaned and flexed his hips.
“Ready for more?” Brent asked, looking up at Gabe.
“Yes,” Gabe said. “Absolutely.”
Again, Brent opened his mouth wide. He took Gabe on a fast ride to full-depth.
Gabe gasped and curled his fingers into fists in Brent’s hair.
My hands tingled with a desire to also touch Brent. Feel his hair, the texture of his skin. But I didn’t, I kept them to myself. One arm around Gabe’s waist, the other bunching up a handful of my sundress. I couldn’t interfere, that wasn’t my role here.
Brent was pulling back and sinking deep on Gabe’s cock over and over, his whole body rocking backward and forward.
Gabe was breathing fast, his abdomen was tense and I could feel tremors rippling over his muscles.
“Stop,” Gabe said suddenly. “Please, no more. You’re going to make me come.”
Brent let Gabe’s shaft slip from his mouth. “That’s the idea.”
“Not…like this…I want…I need…”
“Ah, okay.” Brent wiped the back of his hand over his mouth. “I get you. Though I could happily suck you till you came. Perhaps another time.”
“Yes,” Gabe said breathlessly. “Another time.”
Brent stood. He slipped his arms around Gabe and his warm skin smoothed over mine.
I stepped back and allowed Brent to take over where I’d been supporting Gabe.
Brent leaned into Gabe and kissed him again. He ran his hands down Gabe’s back and onto his buttocks. He squeezed and explored, running his fingers into Gabe’s cleft and gathering as much of the flesh as he could in his palms and dragging Gabe close, so their groins met and pushed together.
“Damn, you feel good,” Gabe said, pausing in their enthusiastic kissing. He glanced down at where their chests had connected, wrapped his arms around Brent’s shoulders and hugged him. “And you taste…”
“I taste of your dick,” Brent said, grinning.
“Yeah, I suppose…” Gabe kissed Brent and parted his legs, as though inviting Brent to explore lower.
“Time to take this onto the next level,” Brent said, urging Gabe to follow him. “Come here and get comfortable with me.”
Brent backed onto the bed, tugging Gabe’s hand until they were both kneeling in the center.
My legs were weak from the show. They’d got into each other so quickly and Gabe was so hard, so damn turned on. I loved how Brent had taken the lead, was being the experienced, confident one.
I sat, knees apart and not very elegantly. My pussy was throbbing with arousal. Blood had rushed to my labia and clit, making it pout against my gusset. I felt swollen and wet. I thought about masturbating but decided not to—for now.
“I want you,” Brent said quietly to Gabe as he slowly tugged on Gabe’s cock again. “I want to fuck you. I want to sink deep inside your sexy arse and make you come so damn hard.”
“Yes,” Gabe said, looking Brent in the eye. “I didn’t think it was something I would ever crave, but now, here with you, it’s all I want. I need it so badly.”
“And I’m going to give it to you.” He released Gabe’s cock. “Turn around, let me see you on your hands and knees.”
I saw Gabe swallow, his neck shifting. This was it, he was going to turn around, present his ass for fucking and after that there was no going back.
The bed shifted as Gabe got into position.
Brent was on his knees, behind Gabe. His erection was tenting his boxers and I could see a hint of flesh at his waistband, where the head of his cock was peeking out.
He reached for the lube and a condom, set them down at his side.
“Gabe,” Brent said. “Jesus, do you have any idea what you’ve done to me? Offering this and now…” He paused, pulled in a breath that expanded his ribs so wide I could see them through his flesh. “Now, here you are, ready and willing.”
“Please, just do it,” Gabe said, dropping his neck low. “Please…”
His voice, his begging words went straight to my pussy. I tweaked my hard nipples through my sundress and had to wrestle with my desire to shove my fingers down my knickers.
“Here,” Brent said, coating his fingers in lube. “This is cold, don’t jump, okay.” As he’d spoken he’d shoved at Gabe’s right buttock to expose his small, puckered hole.
I was glad I’d shifted the chair to this angle; I could see all the action from here.
Brent circled the skin around Gabe’s ass, smearing the shiny, slippery lube into place.
Gabe moaned. He bent his elbows and let his forehead land on the pillows.
Brent continued to work the flesh around Gabe’s ass then he pressed at the very middle of his pucker and eased in.
I held my breath, watching as Gabe opened up and Brent’s finger was sucked in, knuckle deep.
“That’s it,” Brent said. “Good boy. Now another one.” He added another finger into Gabe, so that his middle and index were completely seated.
I tugged my sundress up to my thighs. I looked at Gabe’s rigid cock. It tapped against his abdomen as Brent began to gently pump in and out.
“Yes, yes…” Gabe hissed. “Yes, more…”
“Shh…in a minute. Got to work you open a bit. You’re so damn tight you’ll squeeze my knob off.”
“No, just fuck me, now please.”
There was desperation in Gabe’s voice. I’d heard it before, when I’d teased him, kept him on the edge, or just not been quick enough getting my underwear off. He wasn’t the most patient of lovers when he reached a certain point of lust.
He was at that point now.
Brent applied more lube, directly over his fingers that were seated half in, half out of Gabe. “It’s okay, you’re going to get it soon,” he said, “All of it.” With his free hand he rubbed a circle in the small of Gabe’s back, as though soothing him, helping him find control. It was such a loving and sweet gesture that my heart melted for Brent. He could just tunnel in, take what he wanted, but he was considerate and caring. Gabe was his priority—Gabe’s first experience with a man was something he was holding sacred.
“Relax some more,” Brent said. He added another finger to Gabe’s back passage.
It slid in easily and Gabe twisted his head on the pillow, to face me. His eyes were shut and his jaw tense.
“That’s it,” Brent said, “that’s it now. Well done.”
He worked Gabe for a minute, stretching and widening his fingers. I could see Gabe’s sphincter opening for him, the tightness leaving the area.
Eventually, Brent withdrew and reached for a condom.
When he pulled his boxers down I admired his cock—long and thick and deep in color. He had a wide, plumped glans and his slit already held a drip of pre-cum.
He was at full hardness and it only took him a couple of seconds to roll on the condom.
As he set the tip at Gabe’s prepared hole, I pressed my fingers over the gusset of my knickers. The material was damp and my folds sensitive. I sought out my clit and applied pressure.
“Gabe, bear down,” Brent said, holding his cock. “I’m going to give you what you need.”
“Yes, damn it, yes,” Gabe said, pushing back. “Now.”
“No, keep still, let me do it,” Brent said firmly. With his free hand he gripped Gabe’s hip. “Just let me…ease…in…
The tip of his cock pushed forward and Gabe’s anus expanded around it.
“Yeah, that’s it,” Brent said on a heavy outward breath. “Fuck, yeah, that’s it.”
“Jesus…” Gabe gasped, fisting the sheets and arching his back. “That’s so…”
He didn’t finish, but I imagined he was going to say big. Brent’s cock was twice as thick as my dildo.
“Take more…” Brent said. “Push down, it will help.”
Gabe gritted his teeth and sucked in a breath.
His asshole widened, almost impossibly so, around the wide flare of Brent’s glans.
I rubbed my clit through my knickers. I was breathing fast and my pulse was loud in my ears. I was hardly even remembering to blink and my eyes were dry.
This was so fucking hot to witness. I didn’t want to miss a thing. 
Brent released his cock and took hold of Gabe’s waist. He rocked his hips forward and the entire head of his dick buried inside Gabe.
“Ah…ah…” Gabe called. “Fuck.”
“That’s the plan,” Brent said, the words scratching out through his clenched teeth. “Hold on.”
Pinning Gabe by the waist, Brent sank the length of his cock into my husband.
“That’s it…fuck, you’re amazing…” Brent gasped, stilling with his balls mashed up against Gabe’s.
Gabe opened his mouth; he panted out a breath then reached for his cock.
He jerked it, masturbating wildly.
I did the same, rubbing and fretting my clit through my knickers. Pressure was building. I was so turned on. It wouldn’t take much to tip me into an orgasm.
“You okay?” Brent gasped. “Gabe?”
“Yeah…” Gabe said, his voice muffled by the pillow. “Yeah, I can handle it.”
“You want it all. All I got?”
“Yes, damn it.”
Brent wrinkled his nose, his eyes narrowed then he drew his hips back so his cock was almost out.
“Brent…” Gabe said. “No…I…ah…”
Brent blasted in again. There was nothing gentle about it this time. It was hard and fast, driven by need and passion.
“Oh, God, that’s it…” Gabe cried. “Just there…fuck, give me more. That hit the spot.”
“You’re going to get it,” Brent said, withdrawing then forging in again. “Right where you need it.”
He set up a frantic pace. The bed creaked and shifted; the curtains at the posts shivered and shook.
Both men heaved and pushed, pressed onto each other and pulled away. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh competed with the pulse in my ears. The grunts and groans they were producing fueled my need to come.
I found the first step to my orgasm and flicked my clit harder.
Gabe was wanking furiously as Brent fucked him with fast, swooping moves of his hips.
My orgasm was there. So was Gabe’s.
A shot of cum left his cock.
“I’m coming,” he shouted. “Fuck, I’m coming.”
“Yes, come, fuck, I’ve…got…to…” Brent gasped. He tipped his head back and groaned.
It was a deep, primal sound that tipped my climax over the edge.
Small tremors ravished my pussy as my internal muscles spasmed. It was a short, sharp orgasm that raided my lungs of breath. I kept on staring at the two men throughout, watching as more cum released from Gabe, flooding his hand and splattering onto the bed.
My climax crested and instantly faded. I pushed my sundress to my knees and pressed my legs together, trapping the pulsing sensations.
“Jesus, that’s so fucking intense,” Brent said, releasing Gabe’s waist and sliding his hands up his back. He curled them over Gabe’s shoulders and jammed him even harder onto his cock.
“Oh, God, yeah, fucking hell…” Gabe groaned, finally releasing his cock and slumping onto the bed.
Brent followed him down and lay over him, his dick still buried deep.
Both were breathless and their skin sleek with sweat.
Brent’s weight on me would have been suffocating but it didn’t seem to bother Gabe and he reached for Brent’s hand and squeezed it tight.
“Was that what you wanted?” Brent asked, placing a kiss over Gabe’s ear.
“Yes. Yes, everything and more.”

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  1. It's interesting to see someone else's take on a story similar to what I've been posting this month - but I've been writing from the second man's perspective. My third installment, here, begins right after the husband makes his presence known... and by the end of the month, I think Walt and Gabe (or Kevin and Brent) might be ready to compare notes!

  2. Holy hell, I think I forgot to breathe towards the end there. I was thisclose to joining Hayley and start taking care of my own business. WOW.

  3. Well written and much longer than I was expecting.