Saturday, 17 October 2015

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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This week we're talking about couples in love, falling in love and what makes their love special. Here's a snippet from Toy Boy, my sexy cougar story set in beautiful Greece.

"So,” he said, shutting the door and glancing down at his feet. “I guess it’s goodnight.”
“Yes.” I studied the way his long fringe fell forward, the points of the strands of hair tickling his eyebrows. “See you in the morning.”
“Kay.” He looked up, his eyes narrowed and a line plowed across his brow.
My heart skipped a beat. If only it had been different. If only he’d been ten years older. Damn, I’d be ripping that T-shirt off him right now, shoving at my own clothes and finding the bedroom, wherever the hell it was. Actually, no, forget the bedroom, right here would do. Up against the bathroom door or sitting on the work surface that covered the refrigerator, perhaps on the steps that led up to the deck.
The warmth of desire heated my belly and tugged between my legs. I stared at the neck on his top. It was a little frayed, obviously a favorite T-shirt, and his skin in the hollow of his throat, looked so lickable my mouth watered.
‘I’d back you up against the wall, some place outside, an alley. It would be private, no one would see us, but still, the possibility of someone stumbling upon us would add to our thrill. Picture it, Kay...your shoulders against brickwork, your legs wrapped around my waist and me sliding into you. Taking you, making you mine. You’d soon forget to be worried, wouldn’t you? It would feel too damn good—my cock inside you, building you up, making you come. We’d have to be fast to minimize the possibility of being found. Can you imagine the urgency? Your breaths would be hard to catch because of how I was pounding in and out, in and out. You’d feel my hands gripping your bare ass cheeks, my mouth on yours, and your little panties, they’d just be dangling from one foot. You’d like that, Kay, wouldn’t you? All of it. Being taken hard and fast by me, down an alley. I’d like it, a lot. Let’s think about it together. Touch yourself, please, now. Touch yourself, and I’ll take my cock out, holding it while you tell me how it feels for you. Exactly how you’d want me to do it.’
And that had been exactly what I’d done. One hand on the phone, the other down my knickers as I’d spoken filthy words, exposed a fantasy and made sure I’d taken him with me for the ride.
This young, unfamiliar man, staring at me now, his wide shoulders filling my peripheral vision and his dynamic, intense energy bouncing off me, had listened to me masturbate while talking about him fucking me in some dark alley. He’d jerked off, too. I’d heard his gasp of pleasure and his long, low sigh of release. It had turned me the hell on.
A flush traveled up my neck and pinched my cheeks. My heart was galloping. I didn’t know where to look, so I turned away and stared at a radio set into the wall. Its long, coiled wire hung low and cast a curly shadow onto the paisley curtain next to it.
“What are you thinking?” he asked quietly.

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