Monday, 19 October 2015

Masturbation Monday

Welcome to Masturbation Monday. Great prompt - phew! Here's a few from my new novel Muscling In - due for release on 27th October.

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My husband has a secret. Desires he’s kept locked away in a deep, dark place.

Determined to pry details of this forbidden longing, I had no idea how much this new side of him would turn me on. So when I met the object of his lust I couldn’t let it rest.

Edward Moorland was a force to be reckoned with, a man who fought for his country and what he wanted. But did he want me and my husband? Would I ever experience his passion let loose or would I remain on the sidelines, watching, waiting, hoping?

One thing I knew, I wasn’t the type of girl to give in without a fight. I wanted to be part of the action too. More than part of it, I wanted to be in the goddamn middle of it with bells, whistles and fireworks when it all exploded. Yes…I wanted it all.

I adored this moment. I’d just come, but having my husband primed and ready to plunge had another tremble of longing blasting though me.
He pushed forward, perfect aim.
I hooked my ankles behind his thighs and tilted my pelvis.
He smoothed in. I was wet and supple, but it was still a tight fit. When he was this hard he was the biggest guy I’d ever been with. But we went together well. Two perfect pieces of our own sexy jigsaw. But another man…in my…?
“Coben…” I said. “Would it…work?” I’d had to pause to concentrate on relaxing to accommodate the last few inches of him.
“What do you mean?” He gritted his teeth as his balls pressed up against me.
“Me and you and another guy?” I ran my hands up his biceps and held his shoulders.
“Guess we’d have to try it.” He stared at me. His eyes glazed with desire.
“But…?” Was he being serious? Probably. We’d known from the start of our relationship that we were both pretty liberal when it came to sex. “Who?”
“Someone we could trust.”
“Yes…” I held my breath as he pressed his body over my sensitive clit. “And hot.”
“So hot,” he said. “Someone really fucking hot.”
“Would you…?” I paused, remembering something he’d told me late one night, in the dark—a secret whisper, a confession I’d prized from him.
“What?” He pulled almost out, then smoothed back in. He wasn’t frantic, like I’d been, but in control, in the moment and apparently enjoying each tiny sensation.
“Would you touch him too?”
“Guess it would be hard not to.” One side of his mouth tipped into a grin and he held my gaze. There was a teasing look in his eyes.
“And…” Fuck. Was I really going to say this?
Yes. Go for it.
“And what?” He reached full depth, then pushed in more, shifting us both up the bed.
I panted out a breath. “And would you…kiss him?”
He bit his bottom lip.
I stared at his mouth. A mouth I knew had kissed another man once upon a time because he’d told me so. A man he’d felt something for, sexually.
“Kiss…” he repeated, a muscle flexing in his jaw.
“Yes, would you kiss him?” I hesitated. “Because that would be incredible to see you do that.”
“You think?” He dipped his head and pressed his lips to mine.
“Yes.” I spoke against his mouth. “The three of us, kissing, fucking, you and him connected too…”
He pulled in a sharp breath, then groaned.
Oh, he liked that dirty talk!
“Yes, all of us,” I carried on, “cocks, pussy all fucking, penetrating, coming. Everyone kissing and not knowing where one person ends and the others begin.”
“Jesus, Sian…” He set up a wild pace, fucking me with vigor. His face was shiny with sweat. The tendons in his neck stood proud.
I wasn’t going to come again, but seeing him orgasm like this, with a head full of a threesome fantasy, was as good as any climax.
“Urgh…” He spurted into me, blasting out his release.
I held him tight, locked him to me. My heart was racing as pleasure zipped around my body. He was so hard, concrete-like, inside me. Heat pulsed into my pussy and I gripped his shoulders, imagining that I was holding him together in this moment of coming undone. This was what we were, two halves, souls connected. We had a bond that would be there for all eternity.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck…” He gasped and slowed. “Your cunt is so hot and tight.”
“Dirty soldier mouth,” I said, holding him closer still and kissing the angle of his jaw.
“It’s a good job I’ve had endurance training, woman. You’d kill off a meeker, smaller man.”
“Nothing meek or small about you.” I clenched my pussy around his cock.
As he moaned he kissed me again, smoothing his palm over my hair and pushing the damp strands back from my face.
“You enjoyed the dirty talk,” I asked, a smile spreading. “Thoughts of another man with us?”
“You look so sweet but say such filth.” He matched my grin and I could feel it against my lips.
“But you didn’t answer my question.” My heart was still trip-trapping along. I was pushing him. I knew I was. This conversation was exciting, though, new. And we thrived off new.
Oh, he knew what. He might be a burly fighting machine but he had brain cells between his cute ears. His company success was proof of that.
“The other guy…” I paused. “Would you kiss him?”
He gave me an infuriatingly cocky smile. “Why do you want to know so bad?”
“I just do.”
He shook his head, just a little. “I should never have told you about kissing Matthew Henley back in college, should I?”
“Oh, yes you should have, it’s hot. I like to think of it sometimes.” I traced my fingers over his plump lips. “Guys think two girls together are hot. It’s the same for women, you know. We think two men together are sexy.”
A flash of surprise went over his eyes. “Really?”
“Yeah, really. Tell me more. Did you use tongues? Would you use tongues on our imaginary man?”
Coben was silent, but I could sense his mind whirring.
I felt brave. “Would you touch him, his chest, his belly, his ass…his cock.”
“What? I’m curious. You just made me come thinking about a threesome. I want to know exactly what you were thinking about when you came.”

Thanks for reading, enjoy the other Masturbation Monday posts and look out for Muscling In coming soon...


  1. Lily, I've got to say I cannot wait for this one. If it's anywhere near as good as The Silk Tie (and I know it will be) I'll need to be resuscitated!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and Alison :)

  3. OMG, I SO need to read this one...and I definitely need to pimp this one out for a Shameless Promotions Thursday - email me if you're interested - kaylalords at gmail.

  4. Crikey! That stole my breath. :-) Can't wait to read it.

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  6. Thanks Deanna and Becky - I'm looking forward to releasing this threesome into the world!

    Lily x