Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome Spankers, I hope you are all having a great Easter Weekend. I am thrilled to announce that all three books in the A Bit of Strange Trilogy written by myself and Natalie Dae (Harlem Dae) are now available for purchase. 

Strangers who share the touch of heated skin, the gasps of delight joined bodies create and the bliss a moment of ecstasy generates, are bound by an invisible thread that is as strong as it is vulnerable.

But can that thread turn to more, become a force to be reckoned with, the foundation of a beautiful experience and a future where dominance and submission become a part of life?

That’s something Isabelle wants to know, wants to experience, but is her new man up for the job? She has very definite fantasies, a particular flavour of strange that hits her spot. Only time will tell if their next daring interlude will pave the way for so much more than a brief encounter.

(Early download direct from publisher)

So to get you in the mood for this deliciously filthy set of novellas here is a few lines from Beauty and Pain

“Unbreakable,” he said, “And easy to carry around in the lining of a jacket.”
“What is it?” I asked, feeling considerably more intrigued now that I’d seen its supple qualities.
“It’s a misery stick, although I think that gives the little blighter a bad reputation, because actually it can give immense pleasure.”
Misery stick? Okay, add nervous onto intrigue. Toys in our world didn’t get names like that for nothing.
“You really haven’t seen one before?” he asked, licking his lips and letting his gaze drop down my body.
I felt like he was undressing me with his eyes and already flicking that stick all over my lily-white flesh, streaking me with the red lines it would no doubt leave—if indeed that was what he planned on doing with it.
“Yes, it does mark. Quite heavily if a Dom isn’t careful,” he said.
It was as though he’d read my thoughts.

Misery stick image borrowed with thanks from Molly's Daily Kiss where you can learn more about this innocent looking BDSM toy that packs a punch!

Thank  you for reading…

Lily x


  1. Ahh the gift that keeps on giving. The initial sting is really nothing in comparison to the one the builds with heat and intensity in the moments afterwards and the marks truly are fabulous.... If you are a 'marks slut' like me, this toy will be your heaven and hell

    Thanks for the link back and delighted to have inspired

  2. Thanks for dropping by Molly, and readers do check out Molly's Daily Kiss, hours of delightful reading and lots of wonderful pictures too.

  3. Misery stick, hmmm... marks can be so much fun - I love badges of courage!

  4. I love getting marks, it's such a lovely reminder.

    Misery stick, huh.

  5. A Misery Stick is so much fun to play with... The eros of "marks" on a submissive is so coveting and embracing to this Dominant personally...

    lovely excerpt Lily... such a nice look at these two coming into their own with it...

  6. Mmmmmmmmm Birthday Wish List: Misery Stick! Thank you!