Saturday, 11 January 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors - Making Shapes #WeWrWa #SundaySnippet

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors. This week 8 from my anthology Stories for When the Sun Goes Down and this particular few lines are plucked from Making Shapes.

“I’m coming.”
“No, hold off.”
“I can’t.”
 “Just a few more seconds.”
“Shit, it’s too much.”
“Try, otherwise we’ll have to start over.” I looked up at Theo Horton’s face hanging over the side of my custom-made bench. His thick black eyebrows had knotted over his scrunched eyes and his teeth dragged at his bottom lip. “It’s nearly done,” I encouraged, “It’s quick setting this stuff, just think about your Gran knitting or something.”


  1. Knit one, curl two. Or is that pearl?

  2. This was too funny, and maybe it wouldn't be too bad to start over.

  3. Hilarious and unexpected, loved it! Great snippet.

  4. ROFL Great snippet and unexpected, like Veronica said. Loved it!

  5. Thanks for all the comments :-)

  6. A fun eight there.