Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Snog - FREEBIE!

Welcome to the first Sunday Snog of 2014! To celebrate the New Year I have a freebie for you!

Anything for Him is shooting up the Amazon UK free chart so grab your copy of this dark and twisted tale of obsessive love and dirty fantasies while you can. If you are in the US I'm afraid it's still $2.99, the publisher, HarperCollins, have only made it free on this side of the pond. (Amazon US)


I knocked on the door, the noise loud in the quiet stillness, and willed my heart to slow. My hard nipples abraded the cups of my bra with each rapid breath I took. My pussy leaked, the gusset of my thong completely sopping. Getting  carnal  and  sweaty  couldn’t  come  quick  enough.
The door opened and I was aware of the heavy scent of tobacco before my wrists were caught by big, strong hands.
‘Not tight enough.’ The same accent-heavy  voice  I’d heard yesterday.
‘Who else were you expecting, Aniolku?’
I was tugged into the room and my bag fell to the floor. The door slammed shut and I was pressed up against it. Liuz’s hands were at the back of my head. Fiddling, tightening, compressing the blindfold further and taking away the sliver of light I had. Now it was so taut I couldn’t  open  my eyelids behind it.
I reached forward and touched bare flesh; warm, rippled with muscles and coarse hairs. A quick exploration revealed tight flat nipples and the rise of collarbones.
‘You showed me so little in your picture when I gave you so much,’ he said, his hot breath washing over my cheek. ‘So now it is my turn to look at you. All of you.’
I spread my hands over his shoulders. They were high above me, wide and rounded slightly forwards as his hands explored my nape and my neck, the dip of my throat.
‘But we must agree on one thing,’ he said. ‘Because we are no longer just sharing emails, now we are together for real and I want to give you everything you hoped for. Everything you told me you desire.’
His lips whispered over mine and I parted my mouth, sucked in the muggy air, hoping for a kiss.
It  didn’t  come.
‘Kilimanjaro,’ he murmured.
I swallowed tightly and slid my hands down over his biceps. They were bunched and solid, huge balls of power waiting to be released. A tremble ran up my spine. He felt so damn big and so damn strong.
‘Say it,’ he said, cupping my jaw in both of his hands and tilting my head upwards. ‘Say “Kilimanjaro”.’
What was he on about?
‘That’s the stop word,’ he said, rubbing his thumb over my bottom lip, roughly, and I knew he would be spreading my carefully applied ruby lipstick towards my cheek. ‘If something happens  either  of  us  doesn’t  want  to  happen,  we  just  say  “Kilimanjaro” and everything stops.’
‘Yes,  absolutely  everything.  It’s  not  a  safe  word,  Hannah,  it’s  a  stop word. If you say “Kilimanjaro” it will stop what we are doing in every sense. There will be no more. The same goes if I say it to you. No more. We are fulfilling fantasies here, and if we are not making the dreams come true then what is the point?’
‘What do you mean “no more”?’
‘No more communication, no more us. Full stop, end of. Out of each other’s lives, forever.’
I  couldn’t  imagine  needing to use a stop word – if anything I wanted a start word. I wanted him to get down to the serious business  of  sating  the  lust  he’d been building within me over these last few weeks. ‘OK. Stop word. Kilimanjaro.’
He caught my mouth in a hungry kiss and poked his tongue past my teeth as a low groan rumbled up from his chest.
I grabbed his shoulders and became lost in my dark world. His kiss was wild and untamed. It communicated passion, hunger and raw male desire. The added tobacco flavour, instead of repulsing me, enhanced the unwholesomeness of him that appealed to me so much.
He explored with his hands, dragging off my denim jacket and cupping my breasts through my short-sleeved top. The cupping turned into a squeeze, hard and firm, pressing my flesh into my chest.
I raked my fingers into his hair, let the warm, silken strands flow between my knuckles and urged him on. His body slammed into mine. A steely erection prodded my abdomen, and he reached down and slipped his hand between my legs, my short skirt no barrier to his determination.
‘Liuz.’ I curled my fingers into the waistband of his jeans that sat low on his hips. ‘Please.’
‘Ah, yes,’ he said, stroking over my drenched thong, ‘you are so ready for it.’
‘I know, I want you, please, now.’
‘And  you’re  going  to  get  it,  but  remember.’ He sneaked a finger behind my gusset and stroked over my wet folds. ‘Remember you came here tonight to be my slut, which means I get to say when and how you get fucked. Not you.’

If you enjoy Anything for Him be sure to check out the 5* Sexy as Hell Trilogy.

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