Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Snog - Misconduct

Welcome to Sunday Snog! This week a steamy snippet from Misconduct, the 6th Hot Ice book which is due for release on 31st January from Ellora's Cave.

Meet Dustin 'Speed' Reed, goaltender for The Vipers, and the new owner, Fergal Gunner's daughter, Gina. Oh, yes, things get hot and prickly and wild and racy real quick between these two fiery characters.

He lowered his head so that his mouth was by my ear and his chin touched my jawline when he spoke. “Admit that you want me… sweet cheeks.”
I bunched his shirt in my hands. His breath had sent a wave of sensation down my neck and over my scalp.
Want him. No.
His body. Oh yes. I could have some fun with that.
“Why the hell would you think I want you?” I whispered, studying the way his short hair was neatly clipped around his ear.
“Maybe because right now you’re physically hanging on to me. Maybe because you didn’t go off with Vadmir or Mike tonight, you came to bed alone, hoping I would follow.”
“No, I didn’t, that’s ridiculous, I…”
“What?” He looked into my eyes, his nose just an inch from mine. “You what, Miss Gunner?”
“I didn’t hope you’d follow. You annoy the hell out of me.” I frowned, but as I did so my lips puckered, and I moved my head a little nearer to his. The urge to feel his mouth on mine was becoming overwhelming.
“And you annoy the fuck out of me,” he said, also drawing a fraction nearer. “Not least because you lost us the game tonight.”
“I didn’t,” I whispered.
He kind of growled and a tug in my belly told me that noise turned me the hell on, even though I knew it shouldn’t.
“And,” he murmured, “you annoy me because you won’t admit you need me.”
I was a little breathless. He was stealing my breath and my rational thoughts. His rich, low voice was almost hypnotic. “I don’t need you.”
“Yeah, you do.”
His mouth hit down on mine and he yanked me close. It was a kiss that was ravenous and furious and made my head spin. I was trapped in his arms, feeding him kiss for kiss. Our tongues at war and our teeth touching as he slanted his head to drive deeper.
I wanted to climb up him, get in him, have him in me. Fuck, the guy could kiss as well as he could stop a puck. It was intoxicating and a sudden desperation to get naked stormed through me.
“Dustin,” I managed against his mouth.
He was panting, so was I.
“We should—” I said, glancing at my room door.
“No.” He released me as suddenly as he’d grabbed me and I faltered for a second to regain my balance. “No, we should do nothing.” He flicked his hand between us. The teasing humor had left his eyes, now they were cloudy, defensive. “Fucking nothing. Nothing at all.”
Oh God, he regretted the hottest kiss I’d ever had.
Well, that was okay, because I regretted it too. Even though I could taste him, feel him. Even though my blood was boiling for him. I regretted it.
Didn’t I?

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