Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Good Week for Reviews!

Three new reviews this week, all excellent and all cause for celebration...

ROUX’S OPINION: “High Sticked” is book # 5 in a series called Hot Ice by Lily Harlem. It works just fine as a stand-alone read which was great for me as I have not read any of the earlier books. (Yet. I will certainly be looking up books 1-4 now.) I really enjoyed this story told from the perspective of Matthew, a New York based, British born successful photographer. He is well-respected in his field and is currently working on an ad-campaign for Armani while also preparing for his first ever gallery showing featuring his personal photographs. One job pays his bills while the other fuels his artistic needs. Matthew has a few close, loyal friends who provided support especially when he was dumped a year earlier by the man he thought would be his forever. Matthew does not do casual; he is someone meant to be half of a long term couple. He has needs and desires but doesn’t settle for one-night stands. So his world becomes complicated when he finds himself attracted to a man who is well-known for his revolving door style of dating. Make that dating many beautiful women. To add to the chaos, Todd Carty, a star athlete in the NHL, is Matthew’s photography subject, the face Armani is using to pitch its latest men’s fragrance.

Matthew is shocked is shocked to learn that Todd has developed feelings for him and wants a relationship. Matthew is afraid of caring too much too fast because he doesn’t think he can stand having his heart crushed again. What if Todd changes his mind? Can’t stand up to the tremendous backlash that will undoubtedly come with coming out as a gay man? But Todd has made up his mind and follows the course despite the obstacles and problems that arise. Todd is committed to Matthew and refuses to ask him to become a dirty little secret. They stand through the firestorm of publicity and are still standing side by side when the smoke clears.

Matthew and Todd are wonderful characters and I enjoyed getting to know them and their friends. I appreciate the sweet romance and the hot sex... I am happy that Todd and Matthew found a way to be together and create a happy ending that works for them both. This is a wonderful book and I recommend it.

The second is Grand Slam from Coffee Time Romance -

Marie is looking forward to her new job working with the sexy Travis, one of the top tennis players in the world. She soon discovers it is going to be more than a challenge, as he is teaching her more about herself than she cares to analyze.

Travis is sure Marie has nothing to provide to his psychological wellbeing. Still, from the moment he meets her, there is more to his feelings of need. When he reveals his sexual needs, he discovers there is more to Marie than a doctor.

Travis believes he has no need for Marie as a doctor. He slowly realizes she does have more to show him. Who will be the victor, the doctor or the Dom? Maybe there is room for both.

Grand Slam is an invitation into the meaning of a BDSM relationship based on love, trust and respect. The characters are two incredibly strong individuals who learn that being together can make them stronger. I love the easy introduction into a light dominate, submissive relationship. Grand Slam is an amazing love story for the romantic at heart, with just enough BDSM to interest those who appreciate extra spice in their life. Ms. Harlem and Ms. Felthouse have an amazing talent of balancing the BDSM lifestyle with the romance of love.

And the third is an Amazon reader review for The Player.

I'm really enjoying these books and seeing the characters develop......its more than your average erotic fiction......I'm rooting for Zara and her Victor and hoping they find their way in the 3rd instalment.

Have a great day...

Lily x

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