Tuesday 8 October 2013

Taking Flight by Tabitha Rayne

Please welcome a very special guest to my blog today, Tabitha Rayne, not only a wonderful author but also a wonderful friend. It's been too long since we shared a glass (or two) and a chatter face-to-face, but we're busy plotting our next get-together right now. So here she is, to spread the gossip all about her wonderful new book Taking Flight...

Hi there Lovely Lily!

I've just finished reading The Virgin by Harlem Dae - the first in the Sexy as Hell Trilogy - wowza - you have just got to give that one a whirl! So erotic, so exciting! Such a wonderful Domme.

Thanks for having me over to talk about my new book, Taking Flight, Lily. It's also part of a trilogy - book 2 in The Meeting Point.

I didn't set out to write a trilogy - I think I would have dropped dead with exhaustion at the mere suggestion! However, A Clockwork Butterfly came out last year and I sent the first few chapters of Taking Flight off to an Xcite competition - the more I wrote about these characters and the world, the more I realised they were the same as the other book, just a different time. 

Taking Flight follows the story of Deborah and her journey into becoming a dominatrix. It has always fascinated me, how do you find out what you like, who you are? How do we take those first steps from imagining a scenario to actually doing it? How do we go about asking for it? Taking Flight follows the journey of a young couple who find themselves in situations where self-discovery and being able to explore their sexuality might just save their lives – no pressure then! 

Here’s some bits and bobs about my new book – I hope it whets your appetite for a big old sexual adventure…

“Find me at the meeting point. We are more than the physical.”

Four generations from now, toxins are ravaging the land and the future of mankind is in peril. The surviving men are being rounded up and taken to holding facilities. Research scientist, Dr Deborah Regan is hoping to stabilise the decreasing male population before her lover, Marcus becomes one of those taken away.

When the authorities come looking for Marcus, Deborah abandons her research to go on the run with her lover. They flee to the forests where they stumble across a couple who are intent on finding an ultimate sexual union where at the point of climax their spirits break free from their bodies and unite. Plunged into a life of lust and survival, Deborah soon realises she can easily slip into this trancelike state and she and Marcus set out to create a transcendent bond of their own. Can they achieve the ultimate unity before fate separates them for good?

An erotic dystopian fantasy following a young couple trying to elude capture and separation. The prequel to A Clockwork Butterfly.

A little bit to make you blush (I hope…) – this is before Deborah has a notion that she might have a dominant streak. 

‘Stop it,’ she squealed breathlessly, ‘I can’t stand it!’ But he kept nibbling and tickling until she thought she might pee herself. Then he stopped. Pulling off his own top, he slithered up to her face again and kissed her ravenously with his full, sensual lips. She responded and suckled on his searching tongue, pulling him deep into her mouth. His free hand was now working her right breast, kneading and toying with her nipple, making it buzz with sensation. Her house trousers were suddenly oppressively tight and she shuffled her hips, trying to free herself of them. He pinned her fast to the rug.

‘Oh no.’ He broke away from the kiss to whisper into the base of her earlobe. ‘That’s my privilege.’ The grip on her wrists went slack and he snaked his way down her body. She lifted her chest as he reached her breasts, trying to force a nipple into his luscious mouth, or at least have him graze one with his weekend beard, but he ignored the offering. She should have known better; he was an outrageous tease and she reminded herself not to lift her hips when he reached her mound. He was kissing her belly now, circling her naval with his tongue, dipping in now and then. It felt odd, and somehow, very naughty as he engulfed the area, drawing her tummy into his mouth while tonguing the dip of her belly button. She had the usual hangs-ups about her stomach and had flinched the first time he had rubbed it sensually, telling her there was nothing sexier in this world than a real woman’s soft belly. She’d never quite believed it, and to this day still held her muscles tight, even when succumbing to his attentions. 

His hands reached underneath her and cupped the top of her buttocks just at the waistband of her trousers. She resisted the temptation to lift her hips just as she’d promised herself, but when he gripped the fabric to pull them off, as she expected, he pulled up instead of down and the already tight trousers rode snugly up into her crotch. Now she wriggled. 

‘Stop, don’t move,’ he warned and held her in place with the straining material. She looked down over her own body to see his face disappearing between her legs. He pushed her knees apart to make space for himself and pulled the cloth tighter as he bent forward. Her constricted pussy felt raw with the seam forced crudely between her lips, and when he leant into her, the heat of his breath caught her by surprise. He lapped at her through the material, quickly soaking it with his kisses. The wet heat and friction began to make her pussy peak and yearn and her clit hardened at the attention. Her juices mingled and she gave herself over to another new sensation her lover had given her. Pulling away slightly, he blew onto the wet patch. Automatically, Deborah’s legs tried to clamp shut at the sudden bracing cold and she gasped. 

‘Sorry.’ He laughed gently and plunged his face back in, warming her up again. It was one of the things she loved most about him; his inventiveness as a lover. He was always trying different ways to pleasure her – never afraid to try something new, always sorry if it didn’t work out as expected. There must be a bank of moves stored away in his mind, ready to surprise her. The hands under her back were removed and placed between her inner thighs. He pushed her legs further apart, stretching the material further into her. Then he pushed his tongue into the dip of her entrance, using it like a tiny battering ram, again and again. It was an odd sensation, like being flicked by something; pleasant, yet strangely invasive, considering nothing was inside her. He licked his way up to her clit and filled the space left by his tongue with two knuckles. As he teased her hardening bud, he began the pulsing ramming motions with his hand. Deborah caught her breath as part of the fabric gave and entered her a little. Pushing harder his time, his fingers forced their way in as he kept the rhythm up on her excited clit. Feeling very horny, she squeezed her still exposed breasts together, pulling and rolling her nipples between her fingertips and watching how they looked, so pink and inviting. 

As the lapping increased, so did the pressure into her sex and she started to feel the swell mount deep in her abdomen. Darkness spread into her peripheral vision and she heard herself say something in the distance about stopping before she came, but it was too late. A trillion stars fell through her as she climaxed in a flood of juices through her own trousers and over her lover. Her pussy twitched and convulsed as he kept pounding her sensitive flesh with his digits until she doubled up over him, hugging his head into her with her arms and legs, rocking him there until her trembling orgasm subsided. When their breathing had slowed, and she’d finally let him loose, he crawled up beside her.

‘There, that feels better now, doesn’t it?’ he said, ruffling her hair and pulling her close. ‘Shouldn’t you be getting back to saving the world or something?’

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Tabitha Rayne Bio:

Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre.

Her short stories are included in anthologies from Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Cleis, Ravenous Romance, Mischief, and House of Erotica. She has novels with Beachwalk Press and Xcite Books.

Thank you so much for having me Lovely Lily.


  1. Thanks so much for having me Lily - I tell you what, I could do with a lovely big ol glass of bubbly right now! Especially if it was clinking glasses with yours!
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    1. You're welcome any time, I've loved having you stop by. XX