Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Howdy Spankers, or as Victor Partridge would say "Good afternoon", yes he's a proper English gentleman, until he gets a paddle in his hand that is! Here's a few lines from The Virgin, Book #1 in the brand spanking new Sexy as Hell Trilogy.

“I swear to God, Zara, if I have to ask you to get over my knee again I’ll spank you for a whole two hours before I even let you think about coming, don’t believe I can’t or wouldn’t do that.”
Hurriedly I dropped over his wide thighs. The thing about Victor was because he was tall and lean it was easy to mistake him as slender. He wasn’t, he was big-man size with muscles in all the right places. He just looked neat and proportioned in his thousand-pound suits and in his large, sprawling apartment.
I felt the solidness of his legs as my breasts settled on his left thigh, was aware of the denseness of his body and the jutting of his cock against my side.
“Not like that,” he all but growled, the sound going straight to my pussy.
Suddenly I was tipped, head down. I gasped and flailed my arms, reaching to the floor with one hand and gripping his ankle with the other. As my world upended my arse rose, so did one knee. But not for long. He shifted and trapped my legs with one of his, meaning I was squashed between his thighs and bent over just one leg, my buttocks the highest part of my body.
Blood rushed to my head, singing in my ears and flushing my cheeks. I screwed my eyes shut and beat down a wave of mortification as he pressed a hand on my back, keeping me pinned tight. In all my thoughts of being spanked I hadn’t expected this completely vulnerable, trapped pose. I’d imagined Victor to be much more gentlemanly about it, allowing me to elegantly drape rather than be folded over him. 

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  1. Ooh, Lily, I really like this snippet. Victor is not a man to be trifled with, I'd say. Two hours? Yikes. All the same, I look forward to reading the book.

  2. Two hours? Goodness! I hope that was an exaggeration. :)

    Anastasia Vitsky

  3. Being 'upended' is never quite as elegant and graceful as you imagine it to be. I think she's in for it.

  4. A two-hour spanking, folded over one knee! I love it. The way you put this scene together - I could see it clearly in my mind. I like the movement and surprise.

  5. I'm currently smack in the middle of reading this book.

    I've not gotten to the snippet you posted up there yet. Oh I'm so excited to see Zara's reaction to the spanking.

    She's a spicy little character and I love it.

    Great tease, Lily ~grins~

  6. Oh God! Awesome details, deep POv. I'm there, I love it.

  7. The emotion is so powerful in this one. Love it Lily.

  8. oh I love her surprise, not expecting what Victor's wants yummy :)

  9. A 2 hour spanking? Holy Cow! I do love her shock at being further upended. Fabulous snippet.

  10. You described this so well that I could see every detail. Great snippet Lily :)

  11. Over the knee spankings are the best to write. Your description is powerfully emotional.

  12. Oh my! I am all hot and bothered. I love a big-man sized man who spanks. Great snippet.