Sunday, 18 August 2013

Weekend Writing Warriors #WwWrWa

Welcome  Weekend Writing Warriors, this week 8 from The Virgin, Book #1 in the new Sexy as Hell Trilogy (erotic BDSM) available only at Amazon.

I stared dumbly out of the window at Edgeware Road and tried to steady my breathing. People raced around, unaware of the beating of their hearts, untroubled by vixens who stopped by their place of work to give them impromptu blowjobs, and unscarred by a whipping show they’d witnessed the night before.
Scarred, yes, that was how I felt, not physically, but the spectacle had definitely left a mark on me. It was a fractured line no one but I could see. A new streak in my brain, my psyche, that was full of what if’s, how, why?
Curiosity was a funny thing and I’d always been an inquisitive bloke. I liked to know how things worked, the chemical composition of materials, the physics of a structure. But desire, desire for pain, that was a new one on me.

Another brilliant 5* review just in for the Sexy as Hell Trilogy 

"The best erotic trilogy I have ever read! FSOG and Crossfire series have nothing on these books. If you like your books a bit edgier then you should read these. I could not put them down! Lots and lots of hot sex but also a love story. I loved the style of writing, seen from both characters emotions. All I can say is read and enjoy!!!"

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  1. He seems to have a lot going on and not being master of anything in his life. No wonder is is a little bit scared.

  2. Nice! Very moody and evocative description. And congrats on that great review. :)

  3. Great snippet! He sounds deep in thought, worried and very curious.

  4. Brilliant, I love how he is weighing everything up and being honest about the way he feels.

  5. Well much for him to learn...enjoyed the introspective tone in the snippet.

  6. I somehow get the feeling he'll change his opinion as the story progresses. love how you shared his skepticism and reluctance. Nice job!