Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday which is working in conjunction with Sunday Snog :-)

The idea is to combine the 10 line rule of Sneak Peek with a snog - here goes...

Josh twisted to kiss him, a real wet tongue affair with lots of appreciative moans. 

I’ve died and gone to heaven. 

Being penetrated and watching them kiss at the same time was off-the-scale sexy. I tweaked my breasts and ground my clit against Josh. “You two are so fucking sexy when you kiss,” I groaned. 

Josh broke his connection with Nick and stared down at me, as though fascinated by my statement. 

I thrust my hips up. “So fucking sexy when you kiss,” I repeated breathlessly. 

He dropped over me, and chased for my tongue with his. He tasted a little different now, of Nick, a new enticing flavor lacing his. 

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