Thursday, 21 February 2013

DESSERT gets 5 stars!

I'm thrilled that DESSERT my saucy novella in the Ellora's Cave for Men line, has just received a 5 star review from The Jeep Diva. This is what the reviewer had to say...

Erotically decadent describes Lily Harlem’s short story Dessert.  Recently divorced sportsman store owner John is invited to The Geisha Plate by a potential investment client. Little does John know that The Geisha Plate is a literal term for the high-end restaurant which practices the succulent art form of Nyotaimori.  Women are the naked canvas that food is erotically displayed on.  John has an oral feast not only eating from the exotically attractive woman but is feasted upon as well.

Tida works at The Geisha Plate, the canvas for John’s delectable dinner. After receiving his dessert from Tida, he is smitten and desires to meet her outside of her work setting. John hides in the alley behind the restaurant, only to scare Tida, and she walks away. Luckily for John, Tida is actually interested in him and approaches John at one of his stores.

You will never look at food the same way after reading this story. Mouthwatering sex radiated through the pages as John and Tida let all inhibitions go and had their way with each other. I loved the fact that the story was told from John’s point of view which added an element of fantasy meets realistic reality as John worshipped Tida with mind and body.

Ms. Harlem delivers pure sex as each sexual encounter upped the ante leaving any red-blooded person needing a cold shower. Reading this brilliant story will give you hours of ideas and pleasure, surely not to be missed - 5 STARS

DESSERT also received 5 Flames on their sex rating scale, which is not surprising as it's incredibly hot and steamy!

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