Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Snog

Stockholm Surrender.

Welcome to another Sunday Snog. This week's super steamy smooch is from Stockholm Surrender, the full length novel to accompany Stockholm Seduction - a free short read I wrote a couple of years ago and was published by Ellora's Cave.

So many readers requested the rest of Ty and Penny's dangerous, sexy story that I got my head down and let them talk to me again, the result is Stockholm Surrender. These guys are some of my favourite characters of all time and I adored the international adventure they went on to be together. Just as a side note, the prequel to Stockholm Surrender (Stockholm Seduction), is re-printed in the novel so there is no missing out on the beginning of the story if you just buy Stockholm Surrender.


Penny is the daughter of a British politician, this extract comes from midway through the book when she's in Bangkok and just been safely delivered to her room by Phil, her bodyguard. After having been snatched and held to ransom by Ty on previous occasions her father isn't taking any risks with her safety - much to her annoyance!

I went in, shut and locked the door, then heard Phil fiddle for several seconds on the other side before walking away. Irritation swarmed over me. If that door opened it wouldn’t be just Phil appearing. Hotel security would no doubt be on full alert too and come racing to the rescue.
I glanced at the huge queen-sized bed. It was draped in a beautifully embroidered cream-and-gold eiderdown and stacked high with pillows. The brass slatted headboard was against a wall painted the color of sapphires and the tall bedside lampshades reminded me of emeralds. It was a fantastic room. Spacious and lavish, with a separate seating and dressing area. It would have been perfect for entertaining company—hot, male company.
Sighing, I kicked off my shoes, threw my purse on the bed and wandered to the window. I wasn’t even tired after my afternoon sleep. My body clock was all over the place.
The thick gold-weaved curtains were drawn and I pulled the left one back to stare out at the rain-splattered Bangkok skyline. I needed something to distract me from my fractious state.
“Don’t scream.”
I registered sparkling blue eyes a split second before hungry lips hit down on mine. Oh my god, Ty!
I grabbed the front of his t-shirt as his arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. His kiss was intense and frantic. I stared at his closed eyes and long lashes and rejoiced in the heady wave of excitement, relief and lust spiraling through my system.
Ty was already in my room.
“Oh Penny. I can’t believe what you’ve done,” he whispered breathlessly, sliding his hands up my spine and cupping the back of my skull. “You really got your father to Thailand, a meeting set up and a new lawyer.”
“Yes, of course.” I felt as if I would burst with joy. Ty was here. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
“How did you get in my room?” I asked breathlessly.
He kissed my cheek, trailed his warm, soft mouth to my ear. “I just told a cleaner my girlfriend was downstairs in the bar and had the key to our room in her handbag.” He gave a naughty smirk. “She let me in.”
“So much for Phil’s security.”
“Dad’s bodyguard.”
Ty pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Shit, there was no one else with you at dinner.”
“He was sitting a few tables away.” The look of panic on Ty’s face tugged at my heartstrings and I touched his cheek.
“Where is he now?” he asked.
“Next door. It’s okay.”
Ty glanced at the wall behind the bed. “You expecting to see him again tonight?”
I stroked down to his jawline and grinned. “Absolutely not.”
Ty drew the curtain shut, hiding us from the world and gave a sexy grin. “Good. Then you’ll have no objections to me giving you what you’re owed.”
In one swift movement, he hoisted me upward and began kissing me again. I wrapped my legs around his waist. My dress slid up my thighs as my ankles crossed in the small of his back. This was what I’d been dreaming about, what I’d been crying out for. I could hardly believe it was really happening.
“I’m gonna settle every one of my debts,” he murmured between kisses, stepping toward the dressing table just behind me.
“Too right you are,” I whispered, pulling his t-shirt from the waistband of his jeans. His smell, his taste, the heat pouring from him was driving me wild. There was something about Ty that was drug-like to me. My hormones went crazy whenever he was near and my body cried out for his. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before with any of my previous boyfriends—although who the hell was I kidding? Ty was hardly a boyfriend. He was a crazy, kidnapping adrenaline junkie who I craved with every fiber of my being.
He backed me against the wall to the left of the dresser. It was cool on my bare shoulders but I hardly noticed. I was too intent on getting to Ty’s flesh. Yanking and tugging, I dragged off his t-shirt. Smoothed my hands over the wide planes of his shoulders, whimpering in appreciation at the acres of perfect, tanned skin. I wrapped my hand around the vibrant dragon tattoo on his right biceps and hung on.
He palmed my breast through my thin dress. “I love your outfit. You looked so damn sexy in the restaurant I nearly followed you into the restroom and fucked you there.”
“Seriously?” I threaded my fingertips into his hair and held him tight.
“Yes, seriously, and I’ve been so damn hard ever since.” He slipped his fingers down the neckline of my dress and found my nipple. Tweaked and twisted it to a hard point.
“So do something about it,” I managed. “But tell me now if you can’t finish what you’re about to start, because I don’t think I can take what you did to me last time. Make me crazy with lust, just about to come and then leave. That was just plain cruel.”
“I’m so sorry, baby.” He treated my other nipple to the same luscious attention. “But it worked, you’re here, and now I can do what I really wanted to do that night in your bedroom.” He glanced at the door.
I pressed my fingertips to his cheek and turned his head back to mine. “No one is coming in. It’s locked and bolted.”
He swallowed and pulled his brows low. “Sure?”
I nodded.
“Then lord help us, Penny, ‘cause I am going to fuck you so hard and so good you’ll not only forget your damn name you’ll forget what fucking planet you live on.”
If I’d thought I couldn’t be any more turned-on or any more excited, I was wrong. His words and the way he said them in his sexy, murmuring Australian accent spread lust like an electric current to my clit. It twitched and tingled and all I could think of was getting him inside me, fucking me hard and good. Making me forget my name and which planet I lived on.
Our mouths connected and I tangled and twisted my tongue with his. We both groaned at the relief of finally being able to give in to our primitive, desperate urges. Still pressed up against the wall with my legs wrapped around him, I fumbled with his fly buttons. I managed to shove my hand into his pants and cup his erection through his boxers. It strained against my palm, hot and hard and gloriously thick.
He found the gusset of my knickers, pulled it to one side and probed into my pussy. My slick entrance welcomed him and I clamped around his finger, thrusting my hips for more. He added another finger and shoved in higher.
But it wasn’t enough. I needed his cock in me—now.
“You got a condom this time?” I asked breathlessly, thinking of the secret stash I had in my washbag.
“Already dressed for action, baby.”
I struggled and shoved at his pants and boxers. When his cock got caught on the fabric, he grunted in frustration. Finally though, his shaft sprang forward into my hand and sure enough, his was already wearing a condom.
Pulling back, I looked into his face. There was a flush of red on his cheeks and his eyes flashed wildly.
“Presumptuous,” I said.
“Baby, there was only one thing gonna happen tonight between us and that’s this.” He tugged aside my knickers, released his cock fully and positioned the head at my pussy. “Of course it makes a change not to have you tied up.”
I locked both my hands around his neck and tightened my ankles in the small of his back. He felt so big, holding me, surrounding me, about to thrust into me. “Maybe later,” I managed.
For a split second he looked as if he might grin, but then his expression turned to one of agonized concentration.
He pushed into me.
I gasped and balled my fists. Damn, I’d forgotten how fucking big his cock was.
“Oh, sweet Jesus,” he groaned, withdrawing slightly then pushing in some more. “You feel amazing.”
He kissed down my neck and shifted me in his embrace. I fluttered my eyes shut and tilted my pelvis, willing my pussy to relax for him. He gained more entry.
“Oh god, Ty,” I said. The pain-pleasure was the sweetest torture. “Please, just...”
“Just what?” He tightened his hold, held my trapped body between his chest and the wall. I couldn’t move. I was pinned. “Is this what you want, Penny?” He thrust right the way in, hard, and I had no choice but to take all of his formidable length—every last inch.
“Argh—” I started, then he caught my surprised, bliss-infused cry in his mouth. He kissed me hotly, hungrily, absorbing all my moans and groans. I returned his passion, met him kiss for kiss.
He explored my thighs and my butt, then squeezed his fingers between our bodies, pulling at the flesh beneath my pubic hair. He tugged it upward, exposing my raw, distended clit to his pelvic bone then set up a jackhammer pace. The pressure was so concentrated I felt possessed, owned by him, and handed myself over to the pleasure I knew he could give me.
He didn’t stop kissing me as he rammed into me, over and over, harder and harder. Fleetingly, I was grateful we weren’t fucking against the wall between my and Phil’s rooms. But the thought lingered for only the smallest amount of time, because an almighty orgasm was blooming. I was so wet now, slick around his cock. His thrusts were smooth and filled me to capacity. Each time our pelvic bones met his hardness connected with my clit in a wonderfully intense way, spinning me toward a state of ecstasy .
“Oh yes, yes,” I gasped into his mouth. I couldn’t move much but my hands were all over him. Touching every part I could reach—grabbing, scratching, pulling.
“Fuck it, Penny. I’m in heaven when I’m in you. It’s even better than I remembered.” With a feral growl, he lowered his head to my neck and his burning, panting breaths blew across my skin.
I stared at a sparkling chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, pressing my pelvis down to meet each of his thrusts, savoring the final steps to my climax. I was coming. It was almost there. Ty, the man my heart was beating for, was taking me to the pinnacle of sensation.
“Oh yes, Ty,” I gasped, trembling in his arms. Desperation for release had taken hold. “That’s it, that’s it...” Pleasure detonated inside me, exploding in my pussy and clit and radiating outward in near-violent blasts. My limbs turned to granite, locking around him, pinning him to me.
“Ah fuck,” he said, pulling his head from my neck and staring at me. “You’re gonna finish me off with all that pussy-squeezing stuff.” He bared his teeth and hissed in a breath.
I opened my mouth on a silent exclamation as he shunted in higher than ever, his cock a steely rod. Then, as my body pulsed through the aftershocks of my own climax, I watched his beautiful face contort with ecstasy. He squeezed his eyes shut, the bridge of his nose wrinkled and his lips pulled back in a tight grimace.
He froze, buried as deep as he could go for the longest, sweetest of moments, then he was pulsing inside me. Spurting into the condom.
He pulled halfway out and rammed back in one last time. “Ah, yes, fuck it, yes, Penny,” he gasped. The muscles around his mouth and nose relaxed and he opened his eyes. “Ah baby, that was worth the wait. You’re fucking awesome.”
Cupping his cheeks, I held his face near mine. “So are you,” I panted.
His eyes softened as a tremble attacked his body, the vibrations shivering into mine. For a second he looked vulnerable, tired, and instead of seeing the loose-cannon kidnapper I saw the man who loved and needed to be loved in return.
In that moment I realized that I was completely, irrevocably, totally in love with Ty Winters, and not only that, I’d fallen for him with all the grace with which a brick hits the bottom of a puddle—hard and fast.
“I’ve got to go,” Ty said, slipping from me and untangling my limbs from his body. “Just in case someone comes in.”
My feet dropped to the floor and my dress settled around my knees. As he stepped from my embrace I felt cold and empty. I wrapped my arms around my waist and hugged myself tight.
He snapped off the condom and tucked himself in. “I’ll just get rid of this.”
I stood pressed against the wall as he walked into the bathroom. Water ran and the toilet flushed.
He appeared in the room again, tipped his head and studied me. “You okay?”
My heart was still pounding. I could still taste him on my lips and feel him inside me. He was leaving. Was I okay? Hell no. “Yes, I’m fine.”
“Good.” He scooped up his t-shirt and slipped it on. “Because I’ll be seeing you again real soon, okay?”
“Ty, don’t go, stay a while.”
He moved before me and furrowed his brow. “Oh baby, it’s too risky. I struggle to think straight when I’m with you.”
I reached for his hand. Brought it to my cheek and flattened my palm over it. Each time he left me was more painful than the last. I didn’t think I could cope with it, not while I was still buzzing from my orgasm and could still feel him holding me. Not when I’d just acknowledged the depths of my feelings for him.
He sighed and his shoulders sagged. He pressed a kiss to my stubbled patch of hair. “I need to think straight. I need to be on the ball. Believe it or not this is my first experience of kidnap, holding someone to ransom and threatening a senior member of Cabinet. I’m not an expert at it. If my brain isn’t in gear then I might end up joining James in a cell.”
I gazed up into his eyes. They were full of indecision. He was trying to be strong and rational, but there was an internal battle going on between his head and his heart. He wanted to stay—I could tell.
“I so want to stay,” he said. “Getting in that bed with you, making love to you, slowly, indulgently would be the sweetest thing in the world to do right now, and then, afterwards, I’d hold you close all night and wake up with you in my arms.” He swallowed tightly. “Baby, please believe me, that’s what I really want to do, not go back to my dingy hostel room and sleep on a lonely, hard bed.”
Tears rose in my eyes. That was what I wanted too. After all this time. All these weeks and months of wanting, I needed more than a quick fuck against a wall. I needed him in me, to become part of me. I needed our souls to connect. But I didn’t want to become another battle in the war he had with himself. Wasn’t that what love was all about? Putting the other person first. I nodded and managed a hint of a smile. “Of course I believe you. Go.”
He blinked long and slow, touched the tip of his nose to mine. “There’s only you in my life, you know.”
“There is?”
“Yeah, those girls on Facebook, they’re not around anymore. And anyway, you knock the socks off all of them. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you and would never have risked so much as getting a splinter for them, but you,” he motioned around the room, “I’ve risked fucking everything to be with you just for a few minutes.”
“And James, you’ve risked everything for James too.”
“That’s true, I’ve risked a long time in prison for my best mate. But here, now, I don’t need to be in this room with your father and a no-doubt-armed bodyguard breathing down my neck. I’m here for you, because I want—no, make that need—you.” He brushed his lips over mine. “And make no mistake, there’s no way that’s changing, certainly not in the near future anyway. The need is simply too great and every moment I’m with you it just damn well grows.”
I sagged into him as he slanted his head and took possession of my mouth. His words warmed the very core of my being, but I knew it was the last kiss before he left because although it was soft and lingering it held a note of finality. When he broke it and stepped away I suppressed a sob of disappointment.
He didn’t catch my eye again and I watched his long, lean body move beneath his loose-fitting jeans and t-shirt as he walked away. The muscles and tendons of his back were outlined beneath his top and already a couple of spots of sweat had marked the material between his shoulder blades—sweat produced from our frantic lovemaking.
He reached the door, undid the chain, turned to me and paused.
I wondered if he was about to say something or change his mind and stay.
“Stop!” Suddenly I remembered the damn alarm. “Don’t open the door.” I rushed forward.
Confusion etched across his face. “Seriously. Don’t open it, it’s alarmed.”
“It’s alarmed. Shit, how could I forget?”
“Alarmed, what are you on about?”
I covered my face with my hands, horrified at how my forgetfulness had nearly gotten Ty caught. “Phil’s attached sensor alarms. If the door is opened it will scream the hotel down. He’ll come running, so will security.”
Ty widened his eyes and let go of the door handle. Held up his hands and looked at it as though it might bite. “Shit!”
Quickly I scooted past him and reattached the chain. I shook my head. “Bloody hell, that was close.”
“Shit,” he said again, glancing at the window. “At eight stories up I’m well and truly trapped.” He shoved his hand through his hair and frowned. “What the fuck am I going to do?”
“I’m sorry.” Again, fear on his face. I couldn’t bear it.
“Shit.” He balled his fists at his sides. “Shit, shit, shit.”