Monday, 24 September 2012

Another great review for Cross-Checked

I was thrilled to find another great review for the 2nd book in my HOT ICE series :-)

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Snagging a gold medal in the Olympics for long-distance cycling was a piece of cake for Carly. Taming the bad-boy hockey player, Brick, another story entirely. Or is it? 

CROSS-CHECKED is told from Olympic Gold Medalist Carly Flannigan's point of view, so we get a really good sense of how she is feeling about being the object of Brick's desires. I would have expected Carly to be super confident, but she proves that even world-class Olympians succumb to the occasional case of self-doubt when members of the other sex are involved. 

Brick brings every bit of the alpha-maleness you would expect from a hot and sexy hockey player. Honestly, I almost skipped this book because I hated him in Hired (Hot Ice #1), but I sure am glad I didn't! He is bossy in that kinky, bad-boy way that lets you know he is dirty to the core…dirty talker…dirty sex…dirty HOT! 

Lily Harlem brought exactly what I have come to expect from her – a great cast of characters and a deliciously erotic romance. If that's what you are looking for, then CROSS-CHECKED just might be the book for you!

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