Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Snog, Cross-Checked.

Welcome once again to Sunday Snog :-)

As promised last week on The Big Blisse Kiss here is another kiss between Carly and Brick, taken from a little further in the book. They have just reached his hotel room in The Waldorf and Carly has made him promise to do as she tells him to. She is also desperate to find out if he was telling the truth about his cock ring.

“Get on the bed,” I said, stepping away. “And lose the pants, shoes and socks.”
“You better be quick with whatever this is you’re doing, honey, ’cause I’ve been wanting to be naked on a bed with you for some time now and my control is pretty much on zero.” He toed off his shoes and yanked at his socks. He shoved his smart black pants into a heap on the floor then sat on the edge of the bed.
“Lie flat.” I pointed to the pillows.
His big body stretched out, from the headboard right down to the bottom. I could hardly keep my eyes off the cock tenting his black Calvin boxers. All I could think of was the ring in the end. I imagined I could see the shape of it through the material. But I couldn’t be sure. Was it really there?
“I’m all yours, honey,” he said, shoving one hand beneath his head. His chest rose and fell quickly and his biceps were bunched.
I crawled onto the bed next to him, being careful to keep the spikes of my stilettos upward. “I know you’re all mine,” I said, reaching for my purse. “That’s why I can do this.”
I pulled a pink silk scarf from my bag. Holding each end, I snapped it in front of my face as if showing off its strength.
His brows lifted.
I moved up the bed. Captured his free wrist in my hand and slid the silk beneath it. Tied a double knot.
He looked at my handiwork with a mixture of curiosity and surprise.
“I’m helping you out with that ‘jumping my bones’ problem,” I said as I threaded the scarf behind one of the thick oak slats on the headboard. I pulled and created a tight knot that lifted his hand right up to the board. It was well secured.
“You think that will stop me?” A cocky glint shone in his eyes.
“Mm, maybe not one, but two will.” I pulled the second scarf from my bag and reached for the wrist angled beneath his head.
I tugged at his wrist. Licked my red lips and felt his muscles give as he let me lift his hand from beneath his head. I twisted the scarf around his wrist and, like the other one, secured it to the headboard.
I sat back on my heels and studied him. The perfect specimen of the male species, harnessed to a bed, practically naked and desperate for it. I sucked in much-needed oxygen as my gaze floated down the underside of his arm. Paler skin led to wisped underarm hair and then on to the faint outline of his stretched ribs.
God, I wanted him. But not yet. The last thing I needed to do was rush. This was all about timing.
“So now what?” he asked, narrowing his eyes and shifting his hips.
I stuck my hand in my bag and pulled out my new raspberry lipstick. Slowly I took off the lid, rolled it to full height and added an extra layer to my mouth “Does this color suit me?” I asked, rolling my lips in on each other.
“Yeah,” he said. “It’s real sexy.”
I bent and placed a kiss on his stomach. Just above his navel. It left a bright, glossy mark on his skin.
“How’s that?” I asked.
“Sure. A bit lower would be really good though.” His mouth tipped into a smile.
I moved up to his chest, placed a red lipstick mark over first his left and then his right nipple.
“Mm,” he said, “very artistic, but not quite what I had in mind.”
I placed a gentle kiss on his collarbone. The lipstick was fading so I rolled it up again and reapplied. I settled over his face and, with my hair hanging down like curtains, kissed his left cheek and then his right, marking him with my lush red pout. I traced the seam of his mouth with my tongue, very lightly, very slowly. Tasting him, committing the contours of his lovely mouth to oral memory.
Suddenly his tongue darted for mine. I rose up and his neck lifted to follow. He groaned in frustration as I held myself just out of his reach. I smiled then dropped so we could kiss lightly. He tried to force his tongue deeper into my mouth again and once more I lifted up. The headboard creaked ominously as his powerful shoulders tried to follow me.
“Be patient,” I said, quietly studying his lipstick-smeared mouth. Scarlet gloss blurred the line of his lips and dashes of red had caught in the bristles of his stubble.
“So stop the damn teasing,” he said in a low growl that vibrated through his chest and straight into mine.
“I’m not teasing, I’m just doing it my way.” I sat up, reached for the clasps on my shoes and dropped them to the floor. I spun up the lipstick and reapplied, slowly, deliberately .
His eyes narrowed, following my every move, his breaths coming fast. I shimmied down the bed, sat back on my heels and curled my fingers over the waistband of his boxers.
His abs tensed, creating a neat row of bricks that angled across his tight abdomen. “The moment of truth,” I said, licking my lips and feeling a wave of heated lust race to my pussy. “Were you lying about the ring?”
“Why the hell would I make it up?” His eyes were blazing hot. “Go ahead, take a damn look.”
A thrill of delicious, primitive power went through me. I gave him a slow, sexy, merciless smile and studied the red lipstick marks that had branded him as mine. His mouth, his face, his collarbone, his chest, his stomach. Now I would claim his cock. Mark that as mine too. 

I hope you enjoyed today's sexy kiss. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Lily x

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