Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bound by Pleasure by Morticia Knight

Need a wicked weeknight? This novella is approximately 13,450 words.

Now that Mia is happily with Donovan, she realizes she has to do the right thing, and break it off with goody-two-shoes Jeffrey. It's a terrible confrontation, and she needs the type of healing only Donovan can provide: a boundary-pushing session in his dungeon. But what happens when Jeffrey won't let go of his fantasy of a perfect life with Mia? And how will he handle the increasingly overwhelming urges he has begun to feel – for people other than Mia?

There are several dirty discoveries that are made in Part 4 of the BDSM themed Bound by Pleasure Series. Although this can be read as a stand alone story, you may find it enjoyable to get in on all of the other hot action from the previous installments:

Bound by Pleasure: The Newbie

Bound by Pleasure: The Dungeon

Bound by Pleasure: Live on Stage

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