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Big Blisse Kiss - Cross-Checked by Lily Harlem

A big welcome to a very special Valentine Sunday Snog and a million thanks to the wonderful Victoria Blisse for organising this event.

My snog comes from the second in my HOT ICE series, CROSS-CHECKED.


Okay, I’ll admit it, I have a crazy, lust-infused crush. Brick, the sexy right-winger of the Orlando Vipers, is the star of all my erotic fantasies. Just a glimpse of him has me panting. So when the chance to actually work with this hot hockey player comes along, of course I say yes!

Being a world-class athlete myself, I have a strategic plan to have him all tied up with lust and desperate for me too. The thing is, plans never go smoothly. Especially when my heart pedals right into the vulnerable game of love again—completely unprotected.

Luckily this sinfully delicious superstar is just as hooked on me—phone sex, bondage, anal sex and rude piercings abound. Despite my tactical errors, Brick catches me when I fall, holds me when I cry and pleases me when I need it most. He’s hard on the outside, soft on the inside and plays one hell of determined game when it comes to finding the ultimate satisfaction.


Taken from the end of Carly and Brick's first date, he's taking her home on his motorbike....

We drove back to my condo and once again I relished being so close to him. It was a nice habit to have slipped into so quickly and I pressed against the angle of his shoulder blade and hung on for the ride. 

When we pulled up outside my building I dismounted and fluffed my hair. He climbed off, lifted his shades to his forehead and balanced our helmets on the seat. 

“Thanks for lunch,” I said. 

“My pleasure. Come on, I’ll walk you to your door.” He glanced up and down the quiet street. 

“But it’s just there.” 

“So, I’ll walk you. Make sure you get home okay.” He shrugged. 

“Its broad daylight and this really is a very nice area.” I smiled and frowned at the same time. 

“So, it’s a date. I have rules. I want to make sure you get home safely.” 

I wasn’t sure how safe I was with him around. My body didn’t feel as if it was under control. Sin and a craving for dirty deeds were only a whisper away. The date had been exciting and charged with sexual tension and the fact he’d talked so freely about his emotional needs had only added a new, deeper layer to my admiration of him. 

He pressed a hand into the small of my back and urged me to the entrance of my building. I keyed in the code and stepped into the shaded cool of the small communal lobby . 

I turned to Brick. The door clicked shut. 

He reached out and pressed the palm of his right hand to my cheek. “Thanks for coming to lunch,” he said quietly. “I had a real nice time.” 

“Me too.” I leaned my cheek into his hand even though I knew I should say something tempting and suggestive then walk away. That was my plan. Not leaning into his calloused palm and staring up into his eyes. Definitely not swaying toward him as blood pounded to every erogenous zone I possessed. That was not what I was supposed to be doing. No way. 

He stepped closer and his big body loomed over mine. His shoulders were impossibly wide in my peripheral vision. “Carly,” he murmured. 

“Yes.” I studied the shadows slicing across his profile and a haze of fair stubble dusting his jaw and chin. 

“Am I allowed to kiss you on a first date?” He lowered his head and heat from his sweet breath washed over my cheek. 

I looked deeper into his eyes, sparkling from beneath hooded lids. They were the color of the forest floor gilded with late-afternoon sunlight. I’d dreamed of this moment. Looked at his eyes in magazines and on TV and wondered what it would be like to have them really there, hovering over me and brimming with desire. 

Now I knew. 

Now I knew it was wonderful. It felt like the moment I’d pushed my front pedal through the finish line in first position and heard the crowd lift the roof of the velodrome. 

“You’re taking a long time to decide,” he whispered as his other hand came up and circled the back of my neck. He tucked his fingers into my long hair and cradled the base of my skull. 

I caught my breath. The possessiveness of the touch knotted my stomach. The way he was holding my head was so dominant, so utterly masculine. “Yes,” I said quietly as darts of sensitivity snaked across my scalp. “Kissing is allowed.” 

He gave the tiniest of smiles, then his lips were on mine. Soft and gentle but also confident and determined. His tongue probed, I opened up and the tip slid into my mouth and met mine. I let out a small moan of pleasure. 

He continued to hold my head firm but the hand on my cheek dropped to my shoulder. His fingertips pressed into my flesh—stopped me falling into him and molding my body with his. 

“You taste so good,” he said into my mouth before dipping back in for another sample. This time it was hotter, more urgent. Soon it was a full, open-mouthed kiss that made my head spin and my heart ricochet off my chest wall. He was devouring me and I was taking what I could from him. 

I pressed my hands to the front of his chest and curled my fingers over his collarbone. The raw power beneath my palms was intoxicating, edgy. I wanted more. I wanted that power driving into me. I wanted him naked and at my mercy. I wanted to own him, pleasure him. I wanted to drag him upstairs and forget my crazy plan. I had basic needs demanding to be met. Now. 

He broke the kiss. “I have to go,” he said breathlessly. 


He released me, took a step back and reached for the door. “I’m sorry, Carly, but I have to go.” 

My arms fell to my sides and I faltered to regain my balance. I wasn’t sure how my watery legs were managing to support me. And my spine, my spine had turned to dust. 

“I’ll call you.” His lips were moist. His jaw set like stone. 

“Sure,” I said in a hoarse voice. 

He pulled open the door and heat from outside blasted in. “I’ll call you tomorrow, from Seattle.” 

And then he was gone. 

The door slammed shut on its heavy spring. 

I pressed my fingertips to my lips, tingling from the pressure of his kiss. I could taste his tongue on mine and still feel his hand in my hair. What the hell had happened? I was just about to throw all my plans in the air and get naked and primitive and he walked away. 

I turned and stabbed at the elevator button. Broke a nail. The doors opened immediately and I stomped in and hit two. 

He’d wanted me. I had no doubts about that. I’d seen it in his eyes. Felt it in his kiss. I could even smell desire in the air, his and mine. It was thick and vital, another presence. 

I stomped out of the elevator and let myself into my condo. Dashed straight to the balcony doors and peered out. He was climbing onto his bike. I watched as he adjusted his position on the seat and roared the engine awake. 

He turned and looked up. 

I ducked behind the curtain. 

The bike bellowed then screamed up the gears as he charged off. A loud, rude noise in the quiet street. So much for being inconspicuous. So much for my cool, calm plan. 

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed Carly's first kiss with Brick. It really served her right for telling him at dinner that she wouldn't have sex with him on a first date :-) But if you stop by my blog again next week there is another snogging session with these two as the stars - Carly decides to take matters into her own hands and see if Brick really is telling the truth about his body jewellery!! 

And, to celebrate The Big Blisse Kiss I am going to give away a pdf copy of any novel in my HOT ICE series to one lucky winner - their choice whether its HIRED, CROSS-CHECKED or SLAP SHOT. Just leave a comment below and include your email address. I will pick a name at random on the 14th of February and be in touch.

Don't forget to head over to the Victoria Blisse site to find links to more delicious snogs and enter more great contests - good luck!

Lily x


  1. Oh my! I want more! It sounds so good! I cant wait to read this. Its definitely going on my wishlist! Thank you for the teaser! ;D Happy Valentines!

  2. HOT STUFF! Whit woo x Thanks for joining in the Big Blisse Kiss!

  3. Great excerpt! I definitely want to know what happens next! Many thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I like hockey players as heroes in theory, but I can't help picturing them missing teeth and that ruins it for me.

  5. Great excerpt, Lily, I adored the sparks between these two.

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  7. Congratulations to Shadow who chose a copy of Cross-Checked as her prize!