Sunday, 4 October 2020

DANGEROUS TO KNOW is on SALE #erotica #whorefantasy #sexwithstranger #ebook #amazon


My one piece of pure erotica, DANGEROUS TO KNOW, is on sale this week at 0.99 (usually it's 2.99). So if pure filth, whore fantasy and dangerous liaisons are your thing, take a trip to the dark side! Notice I've put a warning at the end of the information!



(sorry, they're the only two Amazon sites that are on sale)


For too many years I've hidden a sinful, erotic craving in the darkest corner of my soul. Within this deeply buried sliver, shameful fantasies rule and images--seedy, degrading, filthy images--burn through the dark of night and hold my dreams hostage.

Luckily, the center of my whore obsession is keen to play my slutty game. I know nothing about him, other than his taste, touch and smell, but that's how I want it, because of one thing I'm certain--this man is dangerous to know. But despite the risks, in the very heart of New York, in open view, I'll tempt him with my wares, show him my skills and prove I'm up for the job.

Please note this book was previously published with different cover art. Also if you're looking for romance and a happy ever after, this isn't the book for you, it's pure erotica.

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