Saturday, 13 June 2020

Saturday Spankings HARD LESSONS #SatSpanks #365DNI #mafiaromance #erotic #ku

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. If you've indulged in 365DNI on Netflix this week you might be in the mood for some hot mafia and kidnap romance... here you go...

“Hundred what?” Serena asked. Her arms were still locked above her. She tugged them but Luca held them tight in just one of his hands.
“First hundred spanks, for being all over the hit like a damn rash and then telling the police you were a woman who gets paid to have sex. There were a hundred other things you could have said. Seeing that, hearing that, as I took the rap for a job gone wrong was like adding salt to a wound. And you said it so damn fast, not a moment of hesitation, as if you enjoyed the look on their faces. So yes, a hundred spanks is your punishment.”
“Hundred spanks.” Her mouth fell open even though she was fighting for breath. “Are you mad?”
“Si, real mad, and you’re about to find out just how much.” He released her wrists and in one fast movement yanked at her blouse. Buttons flew to the left and right, clattering on the wooden floor. Cool air washed over her chest and her nipples tingled and tightened behind her bra.
“You need to be naked, Serena.” He pulled again, material ripped, and then the blouse was gone. Next her bra, a front-fastening style, was also on the floor.
She went to cover her breasts but he yanked her hands away and held her wrists.
Exposed and vulnerable, a shiver tickled over her flesh and her belly clenched. Heat traveled lower, to her pussy, and a deep hum of arousal flickered to life. But she didn’t want to be aroused. Luca was going to spank her. He was stripping her naked to punish her.
“What’s the point in trying to cover yourself?” His eyes glinted with steely determination as he gripped her wrists. “I’ve seen it all before. Many times.” He swiped his tongue over his bottom lip.
“But not like this.” She pressed her thighs together. “Not in anger.”
His intense gaze, his fast, shallow breaths told her he was still affected by the sight of her. A glance lower told her his cock liked the view too.
“Don’t bother arguing, Serena, it will get you nowhere. I’ve had months planning your punishment, don’t forget. Hours and hours pacing a cell working out every detail of how I’d make you sorry for what you’d done.”
Trepidation shot through her as she imagined him brooding in the dead of the night, his imagination coming up with goodness only knew. He was an expert lover, fighter, and dead accurate shot; she had no doubt he’d be an expert disciplinarian.
He stepped away, tugging her with him.
She stumbled and caught her foot on a table leg. “Ouch, Luca, please.”
He ignored her and sat. Then pulled her onto his lap, trapping her legs between both of his.
The room turned upside down; she squealed and flattened her palms on the floor, kicking up her heels. “Stop this, Luca.”
“No, you stop it. Complaining will earn you extra smacks of my hand.”
“You can’t spank me like this, I... oh...”
He dragged at her skirt; she was sure another button went flying. In an instant her bare ass was the highest point of her body. A shot of fear went up her spine. Luca was pure muscle, if he wanted to make her ass burn it wouldn’t take long. And a hundred swats of his palm—if that really was his intention—didn’t bear thinking about.
“Keep still, Serena. You’ve had this coming for a long time.”
“You brute. Let me go... now. My brother will skin you alive for this.”
“Diego will thank me for keeping you in order. You’ve behaved shamefully for a Ricci woman.”
Serena felt the air shift a fraction of a second before the first strike and gasped in a breath.
The flat of his palm connected with her tender flesh, a searing hard slap that sent a shockwave of pain over both her buttocks.
She cried out, jolting and twisting. Her clit rubbed on his leg.
“Count in your head or out loud, it doesn’t matter to me.”
“I’m not counting, and you’re not doing that a hundred times, I... ow!”

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  1. He has had a long time to think it over - I'm betting he's going to make it count.

  2. Intense snippet. Especially given the fact he'd been thinking about doing this, no doubt fantasizing about it, for a long time. And now it's time for her to pay the piper. Excellent snippet, Lily.