Monday, 22 June 2020

Escape to the Country

Here's a super hot short novel for you! ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY, a secluded spot where anything goes!


London life is hard going for Annie and Tim, and despite being in love, they’re just not hitting the spot in the bedroom.

So, in an attempt to put the steam back into their relationship, Tim whisks Annie to the Cotswolds to visit Matt and Jane his uber-cool, sexually liberal friends from University.

As the temperature heats to melting point in the chocolate box cottage so does the sex, and Annie, with the help of her hosts, discovers a variety of hidden carnal desires, not just in herself but also Tim.

Who would have thought he’d be into that? Who would have thought ‘that’ would have her buzzing from head to toe?

Reader Advisory: This book contains Ménage scenes and both M/M and F/F intimacy.


We sat out in the near darkness with bowls of strawberries and meringue—the sugar was extra sweet, the strawberries bursting with ripeness. It was as though my senses had been heightened, increased. It was a lovely feeling. An owl hooted nearby and the sound vibrated through my chest the way Jane’s laughter tinkled into my ears. I stole a look at Teresa; her lips were the colour of the berry she was sucking, her hair the yellow of corn fields. Her gaze caught mine, and she smiled then tugged at her bottom lip with her teeth as she looked at my chest, contained once more in my green vest top. 
“How about a midnight swim?” Matt said, clattering his spoon into his empty bowl. 
“Sounds good,” Carl agreed, swigging from a stubby bottle of beer. “As long as the girls agree to skinny dip.” 
“You’re so predictable, Carl.” Jane laughed. 
“I can’t help it. There’s something about the way naked bodies look in the water at night. The pool lights make them shimmer and glow. It really appeals to me.” 
“I’m with you on that,” Tim said, nodding at the perfectly flat pool pierced by white spot lights just below the surface. “But it’s only really fair if everyone’s naked, don’t you think?” 
“Yes,” said Teresa, “and Carl knows that’s the rule. He just tries to get out of it.”
“No, I don’t.” Carl looked indignant.
Matt laughed, then, “Come on, let’s just get in.” He pushed up from the table and strode towards the water. As he walked, he shoved down his swim shorts and stepped out of them without breaking his stride. He raised his hands, bounced on his toes and did a perfect, straight dive into the deep end. 
“Do you think we should swim so soon after eating?” I worried, watching him surface and flick his blond hair to the side. 
“It’s been a while since the BBQ,” Tim said, leaning into me. “And a few strawberries and a bit of meringue is hardly going to weigh you down.”
“I suppose,” I said. 
“It’ll be fine,” Jane said. “We’ll go in together. You coming, Teresa?”
Teresa stood. “Would be rude not to.”
I stood with them, and as they began to peel off clothes, I slipped out of mine. I didn’t feel self-conscious about being naked around Tim, Jane or even Teresa, but Matt and Carl…that made me cross my arms over my chest and flatten a palm over my pubes as I scurried through the cooling air to the pool. 
Jane leapt in like a bomb. The men laughed and clapped as she surfaced, her hair flattened behind her and her long lashes heavy with drips. She swam to the side and grabbed Tim’s ankle. He was still in his shorts, but her unexpected yank caught him off guard and he toppled in with a surprised shout. 
“Are we jumping in or doing it the slow way?” Teresa asked, reaching for the hand at my chest. 
“Er…let’s jump.”
“Okay.” She pulled me to the edge and tugged me into the air.
I caught my breath as the water enveloped me. It roared in my ears, filled my eyes and embraced my nakedness. Reaching for the surface, I let go of Teresa’s hand and kicked out. Water invaded my pussy, cool and tickly. It lapped around my breasts as I gulped in a mouthful of air and spotted the first star in the distance. 
A thick arm locked around my waist. 
“Hey, shy girl,” Matt rumbled into my ear. He pulled me against his body, the smooth skin on his chest gliding against my back as his concrete hard thigh pressed against the length of my leg. I realised I didn’t need to swim any more. Matt being so much taller meant he could reach the floor of the pool quite easily and he was holding me up. 
“I’m not shy,” I huffed, though why I felt so indignant I had no idea.
“Mmm,” he said. “Wanna prove it?”
He pulled me all the closer and his thick erection lodged between my butt cheeks.
My heart raced. “What did you have in mind?” I said in a voice that sounded husky even to my own ears. I couldn’t quite believe the way my weekend was going—not that I was complaining. 
“Me and you,” he said in a gravelled voice. “Tim, too. It’s a long time since he’s shared anything with me. He’s well overdue.” 

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