Saturday, 9 May 2020

Saturday Spankings - OBEYING HER VIKINGS #SatSpanks #erotic #historical #romance #vikings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, here's a few from my hot new historical release OBEYING HER VIKINGS.


After Viking warrior Wade Gudlaug's hunting expedition is delayed so long that his bride-to-be presumes him dead, he returns home to find that another man has begun courting her. The first instinct of both men is to fight to the death over the woman they love, but when she begs to be spared the pain of losing one of them it is decided instead that she will be their shared bride.

Though Iona soon finds herself with her cheeks blushing and her well-spanked bottom burning, when her new husbands claim her together she is left sore, spent, and satisfied. But when a third man seeks to marry her as well, will she be able to handle the appetites of so many Vikings?

“You might not be my bride until tomorrow, but you can start now.”
“I can start what?”
He sat, legs spread wide, and stared at her. “Learning your lesson. Learning what it means to be wedded to Vikings.”
Before she could ask another question she was upended over his wide right thigh. He trapped her there with the other. The world turned upside down, her hair hung forward, and she slapped her palms on the dusty floor. “Tal!”
“When I visited Arne he told me he’s reddened his wife’s rump for disobedience on several occasions.” He dragged at her skirts, pulling them up, rucking them at her back. “And that is exactly what is going to happen to you, Iona.”
“What? Oh... no... please.” Much as she’d enjoyed the show yesterday—it had made her pussy quiver with a strange new longing—she hadn’t imagined it being replicated with Tal so furious with her.
He’s so damn strong.
Cool air washed over her ass when he exposed her further, the material of her clothing now well and truly out of his way. Her bottom was the highest part of her body and presented right there for him, pale and vulnerable.
Her belly tightened, her pulse thudded in her ears. She squirmed but was imprisoned against his body.
“You misled me,” he said. “And that will never happen again. You will always be truthful with us.”
He brought his palm down hard on her ass, putting real Viking strength behind it. She cried out and jerked forward.
He increased his grip on her.
“You will be a truthful wife, from this moment on.”
He spanked her again, even harder it seemed.
“Oh! Ow, Tal...”
Another slap, then another.
Her ass was on fire, flames licking over her flesh.
“No more...” she cried out. This was much more than her friend Signi had taken, she was sure of it. Tal was even crueler than Arne with his discipline.
“You cannot expect your ways to be without consequence,” he said.
She kicked up her heels.
He batted them away and rained down five more spanks on her smarting behind.
She yelped; it was as if ants were biting her, the pain going up her back, the heat spreading between her legs, down her thighs, tugging at her clit.
“Your behavior is deserving of this, and more.”
The spanking continued, hard, fast, humiliating.
Iona closed her eyes; the pain was all she could think of, that and how she must look up-ended, bare-bottomed, and being well and truly ticked off.
He paused and she opened her eyes. She was panting and dizzy.
“Now,” he said, his voice softer, as though he’d worked off some of his frustration. “Your skin is telling me you are understanding the need for honesty.” “Tal. Stop this.”
“Telling me what to do will not shorten this punishment, if anything it will lengthen it.” He smacked squarely on her rump, once, twice, three more times.
“Oh... Tal.”
Will Wade hear? Will he save me?
“And do not think Wade will be your rescuer, Iona. We may not see eye to eye on some things, but this, I can assure you we will agree upon.”

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  1. Dealing with one Viking is undoubtedly difficult enough. But two and then three is inviting trouble. I'm surprised these warriors can settle enough to agree to share. Iona is in for some intriguing adventures I'm sure. Love the snippet, Lily.