Tuesday, 5 May 2020

BUCKET LIST by A. J. Harlem

The 4th book in the IRONASH series, BUCKET LIST, hits the shelves today!


He's got nothing to lose.

Just when DI Shona Williams thought Ironash's summer from hell was over, she's been thrown back into the deep, murky depths of murder.

Not only that, her partner, DS Earle Montague, has picked up a sinister shadow out for vengeance and retribution.

But will she be able to protect Earle and catch a killer whose motives are unclear and whose prey is random? And just where is Tammy Robin? It seems to Shona, that some mad man is ticking victims off a list... How long is that list, and who else is on it?

And if you missed book #1, SIN, REPENT, REPEAT you can grab it for FREE on Amazon.

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