Friday, 11 January 2019

Two aliens are in love with me, another wants to hijack my body! SEDUCER - OUT TODAY #scifi #reverse harem

Four men are in love with me, another wants to hijack my body.

Having a stowaway Trad stare at me with hunger, lust, and determination in his eyes was enough to make my blood boil.

It really didn’t go down well with my four men either—Anki and Hurin, sexy, blue-skinned aliens, and Gavyn and Mateo, skilled pilot and copilot of Equinox.

They’re very protective and very possessive. They’re also all mine. Their hearts and bodies belong to me. Okay, so sometimes they push me to extremes—all that desire and testosterone is a lot for a girl to handle—but I was never one to throw in the towel as soon as the going got tough.

So when one of the things I love most in the universe is lost and push comes to shove, it’s time to get real. Twists of fate have a habit of becoming tangled in space. When things go wrong…they go wrong fast. Can I hold it together? Will my men, my crew, be up to the job? And will the two Space Marshalls be honest about their relationship…a relationship that is so much more than it first appears?

Don't miss book #1, Traveler, and book #2, Dreamer, in the exciting Equinox series. Best read in order.

Planet Athion is a shared world contributed to by multiple authors. Discover more about this exciting Reverse Harem, Sci-Fi Romance series today! Travel over to PLANET ATHION for more information.

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