Saturday, 19 January 2019

"Be Prepared for Anything." DUTY BOUND is OUT NOW #SaturdaySpankings #erotic #BDSM #romance #reverseharem

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a few from S.W.A.T. my story in DUTY BOUND a super sexy uniform themed reverse harem anthology that's just hit the shelves.

When their uniforms come off…

Bossy, dedicated, overprotective, super complicated. A woman needs a man like that in her life like she needs a temporal lobe headache, right? Think again, because when the uniforms come off and the temperature skyrockets, it’s time to forget Hell and take a trip straight to Heaven.

How about multiplying that by three, four, or more? You get the picture? This set of panty-melting reverse harem stories will have you gasping, panting, squirming and sweating. Read late into the night with these steamy tales featuring priests, military men, S.W.A.T. officers, gardeners, waiters, and more.

For a limited time only, grab your own harem of hot men who are determined to be the best of the best, especially when it comes to adoring their woman.


“Keep hold,” he said sternly. “Letting go will not bode well for you.”
I gripped tighter, worrying that if my skin dampened with sweat, I’d slip.
He struck me again, another layer of heat over the first. I groaned, enjoying the sensation but still wary of it. Jonathan could deliver much harsher strikes if he decided to. Another thwack, and another. Now I didn’t have to think about letting my thoughts go—they were just a wisp of dust in my memory. The delicious discomfort building on my ass cheeks was seeping to my pussy and my internal muscles were clenching and releasing, my clit pulsing gently.
“You pink up nicely,” he said, stepping close so his small patch of chest hair brushed against my skin. “And such a sweet ass.” He rubbed his work-roughened hands over my buttocks. “Is it making you wet?”
“Yes, I think so.” I still had my eyes closed and my head tipped back. “Please...”
“What do you want?”
He chuckled. “Oh, you’ll get me.”
The flogger was on my front now. He trailed it from my right shoulder, over my throat, to my left. Each frond created a trail of anticipation. “Hold on,” he murmured.
A sharp slap covered both of my breasts. I hadn’t been expecting that and cried out. Each nipple had taken a direct hit.
“You’re mine to do with as I wish, remember,” he said, his voice low and with a decidedly dirty edge to it. “So keep still and be prepared for anything.”


  1. Sounds so good I hopped over to Amazon and picked up a Kindle Unlimited copy

  2. Great anthology, Lily. And your title is so appropriate. Can't wait to read it.