Saturday, 15 December 2018

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a few swift ones from a hot and particularly stern Viking!

His palm was callused, and his big fingers wrapped around hers. He tugged her close, her bare feet slapping on the hard ground as she took a couple of fast steps.

“Over,” he said, nodding at his lap. “Bend over my legs.”

She stared at his thick thighs encased in dark breeches. She had no idea what he meant to do to her for this punishment. Was he going to rape her, as she’d heard many Vikings did? Was he going to bind her, shackle her so she couldn’t move and was rendered helpless?

“This first lesson is important, and you have to remind yourself that it’s all your doing. I have no wish to punish you, Duna. It’s you who’s made it this way. You have as good as asked for it.”

As he’d spoken he’d drawn her closer still, so her legs pressed up against the side of his left one.

“Like this.” He pulled her arm, forcing her to bend.

Suddenly she was over his lap, her ribs pressing against his solid leg muscle, and her hair falling over her face.

He pressed her lower, so her ass was the highest point of her body and her toes had lifted from the ground.

Gasping, she reached for something to hold and found both his leg and the chair leg. “Get off me.”

“Hush, for that kind of talk is forbidden. You are mine. You will not tell me to ‘get off you’ when a punishment has been earned.”

Her mind was swimming. What did he have planned for her? Her cheeks reddened as blood rushed to her face. She wished the smell of burning fish would weaken, for it reminded her of the rash decision she’d made to spoil their meal.

“Like this,” he said, dragging up the lower half of her dress. “I need to get to you.”

“No, please, don’t rape me...” Fear gripped her as cool air washed over her naked thighs. She battled to get up, get away from him. She’d run into the hills, take her chances with the wolves and the boar, anything was better than Halvor forcing himself upon her.

“I’m not raping you, Duna.” He placed his hand squarely between her shoulder blades, keeping her in position. “Now keep still.”

She huffed out a breath. He’d well and truly trapped her.

He continued to hike up her clothing, until she was aware of it bunched around her waist. Her undergarments were old but clean, and as he dragged them downward, exposing her bare buttocks, she suddenly realized what he had in mind.

I’m going to get spanked.

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  1. He seems pretty reasonable, so I suspect she did indeed earn her punishment. Love the snippet, Lily.