Saturday, 1 September 2018

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a few from my hot new historical release OWNED BY THE HIGHLANDERS (also on Kindle Unlimited).

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When a wounded Jacobite rebel and his companion seek shelter in her home following a clash with a group of Red Coats, Lady Moira Campbell of Leannan Creag offers her aid. But after she risks their safety and her own with her careless disregard for their orders, she quickly finds herself held in place by one stern Scotsman while her bare bottom is soundly spanked by the other.

Reid Murray and Kendal McDonald were certainly not looking for a wife when they sought refuge in Moira’s home, but her beautiful body’s response to their firm-handed dominance and strict correction is as delightful as it is obvious, and they decide to make her their shared bride.

Despite her shock at the scandalous nature of their marriage plans and their willingness to correct her behaviour in the most shameful of ways, when the two handsome Highlanders take her in their arms and claim her properly Moira is left spent and satisfied. But after her recklessness puts her in danger again, will her punishment be thorough enough to finally teach her obedience?

Publisher’s Note: Owned by the Highlanders includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


“There’s only one thing for it,” Kendal gestured to the table knowing what had to be done and not afraid to do it. “Bend over, now.”
“What? I don’t ken what you mean?” Her eyes widened.
“I think you do,” Reid said. “Your husband would have spanked you for such a grave misdemeanour, wouldn’t he?”
“Well, aye probably.” She stepped backward, toward the window. “But he is not here.”
“So we will do the job for him,” Kendal said. And she wasn’t going to get out of it, he’d make sure of it. Besides seeing her ass would please him, a lot. Seeing it reddened too, now that would brighten an otherwise dull day.
“No, no, you’re not my bloody husband.” Her cheeks reddened.
“We’re here in his place. He would thank us for this.” Reid grabbed her wrists and tugged her close. “And an extra swat for bad language.”
Kendal pressed his lips together to hold in a smile. Reid hated bad language and Moira would certainly feel Reid’s palm on her rump if she forgot that going forward.
She flattened her hands on Reid’s chest and looked up at him. “No.”
The defiance in her eyes had Kendal’s cock stirring. She was a feisty one, that was for sure—a woman with strength and a sense of independence. He liked that, a lot. Seeing her take a punishment, submit, would be all the sweeter because of it.
“Aye. It has to be done.” With little effort Reid stepped Moira up to the table.
But once there she wriggled to free herself from his grip. “Get off me.” She attempted to peel his fingers from her arm.
“Stop that.” Kendal also reached for her. It was time to get this underway. No more complaining and protesting “Objecting will earn you extra swats of my hand.”
“You can’t do this. You’re guests in this house.”
“We are more than that,” Reid said. “And you ken it.”
She was breathing fast. “I demand you⎯”
“We demand your obedience.” Kendal tipped her slight body forward, not roughly but enough to know she’d bend double with her ass offered up. 
She cried out, a sound that contained anger, humiliation and frustration.
“You’ll ken from this point on,” Kendal said, a bolt of excitement going through him as he looked at her offered ass. “That we’re serious about you following our instructions, and we’re serious about you.”

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  1. Interesting. They are more than guests in her home, but perhaps not lovers. Not yet. All the same, I'm surprised they don't insist on her compliance rather than force her to accept their chastisement. To offer yourself for punishment is even more humiliating than to be placed in position against your will.