Saturday, 8 September 2018

Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks #historical #romance #BDSM

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a few from my hot new release OWNED BY THE HIGHLANDERS. (also available on Kindle Unlimited)

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When a wounded Jacobite rebel and his companion seek shelter in her home following a clash with a group of Red Coats, Lady Moira Campbell of Leannan Creag offers her aid. But after she risks their safety and her own with her careless disregard for their orders, she quickly finds herself held in place by one stern Scotsman while her bare bottom is soundly spanked by the other.

Reid Murray and Kendal McDonald were certainly not looking for a wife when they sought refuge in Moira’s home, but her beautiful body’s response to their firm-handed dominance and strict correction is as delightful as it is obvious, and they decide to make her their shared bride.

Despite her shock at the scandalous nature of their marriage plans and their willingness to correct her behaviour in the most shameful of ways, when the two handsome Highlanders take her in their arms and claim her properly Moira is left spent and satisfied. But after her recklessness puts her in danger again, will her punishment be thorough enough to finally teach her obedience?


As he continued the heated stinging in her flesh layered up. She groaned and allowed her head to loll to the side, closing her eyes.
“Let it take you,” Reid whispered. “It will feel so good, very soon.”
“Aye,” she managed. Her pussy was dampening, the pain creating a dull thud in her internal muscles.
“So pretty,” Kendal murmured as he sent the birch higher, to the small of her back then up to her shoulders.
She gasped and bowed her back, the bite of the branches filling her mind.
“You’re doing so well,” Reid said.
“I…it’s so much.”
“It’s what you need,” Kendal said, sending his whooshing slaps back down her body. When he reached her buttocks he increased the force making her prance onto her toes and buck away.
“Stay still,” Reid said, “This is nearly over.”
“Now, I need it over now.” She hissed in a breath.
“You won’t stray again?” Kendal asked.
“Nay, never.” She closed her eyes, they were moist. “I promise.”
“Good.” He eased up, but continued to strike her gently, down her thighs to the backs of her knees. 
“Please,” she begged. “I need…”
“What do you need?” Kendal asked.
“Aye, tell us.” Reid pulled her close, pressing her chest to his. He wrapped his arms around her smarting shoulders.
“I need… I need you inside me.”
“And you’ll have that.” Reid smiled. “Very soon.” 

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  1. Wow! Sounds like they're a good match for each other. They're giving her what she needs, and she's responding just the way they want her to. Hot snippet, Lily.