Saturday, 14 April 2018

Saturday Spankings #completeseries #boxexset #pre-order #bargain

Welcome to Saturday Spankings. Here's a snippet from my series THE CHALLENGE, not heavy on the spanking but there are a few swift slaps here and there. Olivia has five men to juggle, so of course one or two of them are going to enjoy a red ass, and naturally there's going to be some kinky fun going on between all of them!

“Harry, I’m sorry if you’re bored.”
“Yeah, I’m bored.” He reached for her wrist and tugged her near. “But bored I can cope with. What I don’t want is my wife mooching around the place thinking of a man who has no place in our lives or in her heart.”
“But, Harry, I…oh…” He dragged her closer then wrapped an arm around her body. The next thing she knew she was tipped over his knee and the cabin had turned upside down. “What are…you doing?”
“Keep still.” He pinned her close, and her ponytail hung toward the floor.
She scrabbled to hold on to his leg and the side of the bed.
“I’ll give you something to take your mind off Paul,” he said, hoisting up her short skirt.
“Harry…!” She squirmed.
He dragged her knickers down to her thighs, and cool air breezed over her ass cheeks.
Suddenly she realized just what he had in mind.
“I won’t have you thinking of him and not us.” He rubbed over first her right, then her left buttock. “This will help you with that. Let’s call it distraction therapy.”
Slap. Slap.
“Ouch!” She jolted forward as a stinging heat spread over her flesh. “What? You can’t just…”
“I can. You’re my wife, and I want you thinking of me, not him.”
He delivered four more hard spanks.
The heat was white-hot and sharp. She bucked against his legs, but he held her tight.
“Now you’re thinking of me, aren’t you? Only me.”
“Yes, but, Harry…stop.”
“Stop?” He slipped his hand between her legs. “I’ve only just started.”
She closed her eyes and groaned as he delved into her pussy, filling her with two fingers.
But then he was gone, and another whack hit down. Then another and another.
He was spanking her hard and with vigour.
She hated it.
She loved it.

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  1. I'd say this is only the beginning for them. Surprise, surprise. Great snippet, Lily.

  2. *thrusts hand in the hair* I volunteer to be distracted next!