Wednesday, 13 December 2017

I'm Yours - Out Today

The 6th and final novella in my REDWOOD SHIFTERS series is out today!

The Redwood Shifters series are a set of paranormal, MM and MMF stories best read in order to enjoy fully.

I'm Yours - Back Cover Information

Convincing the man of your dreams he’s the one is easier said than done.

Bradley has spent years on the road, wandering from town to town and hunting out the hottest Californian guys to have fun with. So finding himself restless at the thought of continuing his nomadic lifestyle is somewhat of a mystery to him.

Luckily his friend Malec, a shifter like him, has extended the offer of a place to stay and Bradley soon finds himself immersed in life at the Redwood Shifters camp.

The trouble is, when he least expects it, Bradley’s life is turned upside down. His handsome face and model body have always worked in his favor, but not anymore. Convincing the shy guy with glasses and dreams of working in the local library that he’s his mate, his one true love, proves to be Bradley’s biggest challenge yet.

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