Wednesday, 6 December 2017

#MWTease RUNAWAYS #reverseharem #whychoose NEW RELEASE

Welcome to Mid Week Tease, here's a few from RUNAWAYS, the lastest novel in my series THE CHALLENGE.

Her dreams were gentle, and her sleep heavy. When she woke the Californian sun was filtering through the curtains and she was still in the same position.
Raul murmured something in Spanish, and she stroked his bare chest, the duvet having slipped to their waists.
When he murmured again and his hips twitched, she became aware of movement beneath the cover.
She raised her head and looked at his face. Expecting to see him awake. But he wasn’t. His eyes were closed, his long dark lashes almost resting on his cheeks, and his lips slightly parted. He moved his head to the right and mumbled something she didn’t catch.
She drew her attention downward. A knot of excitement caught in her belly. He was hard. Not only that, he was touching himself, masturbating in his sleep. It was the only explanation for the shifting bedding.
Setting her attention on his face again, she slid her hand downward, skimming over his flat belly, then over the hair that ran from his navel to his groin.
He didn’t wake.

THE CHALLENGE is a reverse harem series (one lucky girl with lots of hot guys!) and best read in order, CASTAWAYS, TEARAWAYS, RUNAWAYS, and coming soon, STOWAWAYS.