Sunday, 29 October 2017

#SexySnippets FREE eBook - BITE MARK

Welcome to Sexy Snippets. This week I have a snippet and a FREE ebook for you!


“Do you really think so…? Ouch!” 
“What?” Aimery was on his knees before me, reaching for my right hand. 
“Bloody hell, that’s sharp,” I said, watching a ruby blob of blood grow on the tip of my index finger. 
He wrapped his hand around my wrist and tugged my arm straight so he could examine my wound. 
“The base of this mug is chipped.” I lifted it and glanced at the smear of blood on the shiny surface. “It has a lethal bit sticking out of it.” 
“Hardly lethal.” He cocked one eyebrow and swept his tongue over his bottom lip. “But I’m sorry that had to cause you pain.” 
“Had to?” I frowned and tried to pull my wrist from his grip. 
He kept a tight hold, his cool fingers keeping my hand still and hovering before his face. 
“Hey, I—” 
“Please,” he said almost on a pant, “allow me.” He leaned forward, shut his eyes and wrapped his lips around my bleeding digit. 
Instantly I was aware of a powerful suction, his tongue soft but firm as he took my entire finger into his mouth, knuckle-deep. 
“What are you do—?” My words cut off as tingling warmth spread up my arm. It seeped into my chest, spiking my nipples and creating a heavy weight low down inside of me. 

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